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  • 26 Perks of Being in a Serious Relationship in Your 20s

    This is a declaration for anyone who's in a long-term relationship in their 20s and has felt pressure to "see what else is out there." Some people think that being in a relationship in your 20s makes no sense at all. As a couple, we've traveled around Southeast Asia, gone to music festivals, and lived life like every other 20-something - we just happen to be in a relationship. You can still experience the fun that a single person has (like studying abroad and going out with friends) while getting the benefits of a long-term significant other. The laughter is deeper, the sex is better, and the affection is stronger in a committed relationship compared to a casual fling.

  • 9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Planner

    You've decided to hire a wedding planner - but how do you know which person is right for you and your big day? Otherwise, you may end up with an event that doesn't suit you.

  • Beyoncé Wants You to Own Your Sexuality, so You Definitely Should

    Beyoncé Knowles is looking seriously sexy on Out magazine's May cover, her first since dropping that earth-shattering surprise album back in December. Beyoncé goes topless in the issue and channels Marilyn Monroe in a short blond wig and layers of diamond necklaces. She also revealed that she had a sinus infection while recording one of her singles! Keep reading for more from Beyoncé's interview in Out magazine: On the Beyoncé album being one of her most sexually liberating projects: "I'd like to believe that my music opened up that conversation.

  • How to Be the Ultimate Maid of Honor

    Source: How to Be the Ultimate Maid of Honor

  • The 5 Magic Words to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

    A Quora user asked the question: "How do I get a man to ask me out?" Self-described "heterosexual man" Adam Nyhan's answer is by far the most popular despite (or maybe because of) its simplicity. If he doesn't, then you have two choices, kiddo.

  • 7 Creative Ways to Keep the Long-Distance Spark Lit

    In "regular" relationships, the little things matter: writing a thoughtful note, telling stories over a good meal, cuddling on lazy Sunday mornings. Now it's your turn! Book an entire day of fun activities like hiking, a spa day, or a sports game for your significant other to enjoy solo or with friends.

  • The Bachelor Has Spoken — Did Juan Pablo Pick the Right Woman?

    And with one final "ess OK," Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor has come to an end. The 32-year-old Venezuelan soccer player - who managed to get in trouble every step of the way - chose to give his last rose to Nikki Ferrell, 23, from Kansas City, MO, after a twisty finale that had all but indicated the he would choose Clare. Juan Pablo had almost scared Clare off completely by telling her something disrespectful and "sexual" while the audio wasn't hooked up. Once she had walked out of earshot, Juan Pablo muttered, "Wow, I'm glad I didn't pick her." Cue the entire audience's boos.

  • Why Sex and the City is Still Important, 10 Years Later

    The main characters of the show were represented not as lonely or broken but as smart, well-rounded individuals with full lives, great careers, and amazing friendships. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte proved that whether or not you have a significant other, your friends can become your family - men come and go, but you can always be "each other's soulmates." The show's fashion and food references, as well as its brand of postfeminism, are still relevant in pop culture today. It portrays single women as being self-assured and confident and emphasizes the importance of female friendships.: Sex and the City changed the way we as a society think of single women. But Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte prove that single women can lead interesting, full lives despite not having a significant other.

  • Find Out If He's Mr. Right Just by Looking at His Shoes!

    Source: Find Out If He's Mr. Right Just by Looking at His Shoes!

  • Handle Wedding Worst-Case Scenarios like a Pro

    Source: Handle Wedding Worst-Case Scenarios Like a Pro

  • 5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Eats and Sweets

    Showstopping Doughnuts: "A bride and groom got married, and their favorite dessert is Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The bride actually had performed a song on piano in the ballroom, and we moved the piano out into the prefunction space, and we layered atop the piano these great double boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and had the hats there, and people were walking around with the hats on.

  • 5 Friendship Resolutions to Keep Your Relationships in Shape

    This year, why not spice up your usual get fit New Year's resolution by strengthening your friendships instead? Everything's easier when you've got a loving support system behind you, so make 2014 the year of building positive, healthy friendships. Do your errands with friends! Invite a pal to exercise with you, go grocery shopping together, or ask them to come over for coffee and tidy up as you chat.

  • 8 Ways to Get Your Reading on in 2014

    If you're hoping to expand your reading in the New Year, look no further than these book-related resolution ideas! Going beyond the standard "read more" goal, we're diving into some fresh, creative ways to make this your most bookish year yet. Can't seem to think of a meaningful resolution?

  • Bad Dating Habits to Ditch in 2014

    Source: Bad Dating Habits to Ditch in 2014

  • You're Engaged! the First 5 Things to Do

    Just days after my proposal I logged in to The Knot to see 100 things I was behind on already and 200-plus things I needed to do (and had a similar reaction as Kristen Wiig's character in the Bridesmaids trailer). I asked Ashlyn Carter of event planning and design company Carter & Cook Event Co. what she would start off with, and she had some helpful advice. "Set the budget." This is huge, because it's how you'll know how much you can spend on every big and little detail, from the cocktails to the photographer.

  • Girlie Party Ideas to Get into the Holiday Spirit

    If you're feeling a little scroogey transitioning into the cold month of yuletide and mistletoe, get a little help from your friends. We've rounded up some of our favorite holiday party ideas fit for girlfriends that will have you ready to go door-to-door Christmas caroling (well, or something like that). Christmas movie marathon: Grab some cozy blankets, gather 'round the tree, and get your Christmas movie marathon on! We especially love the oldies but goodies like White Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Story. Have everyone bring a roll of wrapping paper, scissors and tape, plus their favorite gift-wrap accessories, then turn on some holiday music and get wrapping!

  • 6 Ways to Find Alone Time During the Holidays

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  • December Book Club: Hot Reads for Chilly Days

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  • Best Tweets of the Year on Being Single

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  • Why Bald Boyfriends Are the Best

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