• 7 Steps to Get Happy Quick!

    High-demanding careers and life are often hard to balance, even for the most organized and alert person. Here's advice on how to balance it all...and get happy quick!

  • What If You Have Different Parenting Styles?

    You both want the best for your child. There’s only one problem; actually agreeing on what the “best” is. What one parent could think is a great idea; the other may view differently. This is normal-- but how do you meet in the middle?

  • The Case for Skipping Black Friday

    Confession: We avoid Black Friday at all costs. Sure we love bargains and deals, but we have no interest in standing in lines in the dead of night just to get a few bucks off the hottest toy. Here's why our time is worth more than the discounts...

  • How to Avoid Stuffing Yourself at Thanksgiving

    Cheers to the holiday of gratitude! Let’s give thanks to good company, delicious feasts and …stretchy pants? Time to ditch the sweats and the pounds. Stay on track this holiday season. Here are 5 ways to avoid extra gobbled weight!

  • Voice of Elmo Resigns from Sesame Street

    Kevin Clash, who voiced Elmo on Sesame Street, has resigned from his position following yet another sex abuse accusation.

  • Why the Other Woman Doesn't Matter

    Whether it is a powerful man in the CIA, governorship, corner office, or--heaven forbid, YOUR partner, why is it that when a man has an affair, our curiosity turns straight to the OTHER woman? Our take: When it comes down to it, SHE doesn't really matter.

  • 6 Tips for Shopping for Children's Toys

    it’s finally time to start scoping out toys! If you have kids to buy for, a lot of people wonder how to survive the shopping season without stress or great expense. Lucky for you, we have six ideas on keeping your sanity and financial solvency...

  • 5 Steps for Meeting His Parents

    "You never get a second chance to make a first impression!" That can be especially true when you're meeting your new guy's mom and dad! Here are 5 sure-fire tips to help make sure they love you as much as you love their son...

  • Hot Workout Trend for 2013: Yoga Gets Jumping

    Ever stretched into down dog, then practiced your jump tucks? A new trend for fall and 2013 is yoga workouts with plyometric intervals. All it takes is 30 minutes for this sweat til you drop fitness craze...

  • 5 Reasons Moms Should Play Online Games with Girls

    Did you know playing online games with your daughter may actually be GOOD for her and your relationship? A study out of Brigham Young University shows why moms may want to grab the controller to connect with their girls...

  • Gorgeous Winter Weddings: Simple Tips from a Celebrity Planner

    While many brides shy away from a winter wedding due to the holidays and the potential for storms, there is a lot to be said for the special charm of a wedding when the temps drop. A celeb wedding planner on how to create your perfect winter wonderland...

  • 5 Signs of Verbal Abuse

    1 in 4 teenage girls admit to being verbally abused, and the abuse seeps into countless adult relationships, too. Since sufferers don’t carry the outside bruises, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you or your loved one is suffering. Here are the signs:

  • How to Pull Off the Leather Look

    Leather in every form is a huge trend for fall!/winter. The great thing about it being so popular is that you can pull of the look no matter what your budget! Check out some of our favorite leather pants (faux and the real deal!)

  • Holidays in a Snap with Apps

    The holidays can be a stressful time as we try to manage busy lives and fit everything important into such a short period of time. Well we're here to offer a bit of relief with these apps that can help you stay on track-from parties to presents!

  • Moving Dead Bodies and Other Things We Do for Our Friends

    Earlier this year, there was an amazing speech about “Move-a-Body-Friends” (MABF’s): People you could call in the middle of the night to come over and dispose of a body, no questions asked. Do you have any MABF's?

  • Cranberry Cornmeal Cookies

    If ever there was a Thanksgiving cookie, this is it. Cornmeal adds both crunch and color, a fine counterpoint to tart, red, chewy bits of cranberry. Print this recipe out to add to your Thanksgiving table this year!

  • 5 Tips to Be a Better Step-Parent During the Holidays

    Being a stepparent to a teen is tricky-- especially during the holiday season! So how is a stepparent to deal with the stress of the ever-changing family structure and rules during the holidays? As usual, we have suggestions...

  • Stacking Splendidly—How to Rock Lots of Bracelets

    We're still not sure what it is about wearing lots of bracelets that stole our heart, because this look definitely isn’t for everyone. But for those of you craving a little fun, let’s talk about how to stack splendidly!

  • Why Can't I Remember Little Things?

    Most people struggle with a loss of memory to one degree or another. The brain will associate what’s important with “why” it’s important and “what’s in it for me” – the value. But how do we remember the things our brain doesn’t naturally retain?

  • How to Take the Very Best Family Photos This Holiday Season

    From Thanksgiving football games to cookie swaps, this season is all about reliving traditions and making memories as a family. What better way to savor the season than through photos? Here are our top tips for taking the best photos this holiday season.