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  • Jeremy Piven Wants Ladies to Feel Empowered by Red Lipstick

    Source: Jeremy Piven Wants Ladies to Feel Empowered by Red Lipstick

  • 8 Reasons Your Hair is Breaking Off and 8 Solutions to Stop It

    Source: 8 Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking Off and 8 Solutions to Stop It

  • Find the Perfect Fragrance for Your Age

    Recently Elizabeth Arden with the help of scent psychologist, Dr. Rachel Herz, conducted research to better understand the link between odors and perception, emotion, memory, and cognition. "Fragrance choices are similar to fashion choices," she said. "Although all women primarily chose a particular fragrance because they like the scent there are other strong external influences on her fragrance selection that vary as a function of a woman's age." With her advice in mind, we've rounded up the best scents for every age group, which is sure to come in handy with Mother's Day right around the corner. So, with a high-profile celebrity spokeswoman like Kristen Stewart, it's no surprise Balenciaga Rosabotanica ($130) is a popular fragrance among trendy 20-somethings.

  • 10 Earth Day Beauty DIY Recipes that Are Green in Every Way

    Green Tea: Green tea is packed with two beauty essentials: antioxidants and caffeine. Steep a cup of green tea and store in the fridge to make a daily spritz that will render pores invisible. This green vegetable contains antioxidants and flavinoids that decrease irritation naturally. Olive Oil: The real question we should be asking is what beauty job can't olive oil handle (or it's cousin coconut oil, for that matter).

  • How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Household Ingredients

    Source: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Household Ingredients

  • How to Get Texas Hair in a Bottle, Drybar Style

    Source: How to Get Texas Hair in a Bottle, Drybar Style

  • 7 Things We Can All Learn from Kim Kardashian's Beauty

    Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but at the end of the day, the attention-loving celebrity is a true beauty girl. Few can pull of dramatic eyelashes, smoky eyes, bold lips, contoured cheeks, and bronzed skin - all at once and during the day. And if you're going to pull off a Kim look this weekend, do it the Kardashian way - with konfidence! We call it Kim Beauty 101.

  • Peels 101: Get Glowing, Postspa Skin at Home

    That won't be you! With the help of dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler, we've rounded up the essential tips so you can avoid disaster and get an amazing exfoliating treatment (even if it's your first time). Exfoliation Is Key: "Peels are great antiaging treatments that help restore the appearance of more youthful-looking skin by removing the outermost layer of dead and dull skin cells on the face," Wechsler explained. So in the sequence of your skin care routine, a peel should be applied after cleansing and before any treatment serums. Spot Check: Peels get a bad rap.

  • 6 Beauty Quick Fixes when Spring Allergies Attack

    You know the feeling: you wake up to sunlight streaming through your window, jump out of bed, and practically prance down the street enjoying the fresh Spring air . Suddenly, your eyes are watering behind your new aviator sunglasses, and you're rapidly searching your bag for a tissue to relieve your itchy, runny nose. So we caught up with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg at Zyrtec event, where she offered six easy steps you can try in terms of skin care, makeup, and hairstyling. Contour to combat a puffy face.

  • Stock Your Bridal Emergency Kit with These Drugstore Buys

    Hair Spray: There are so many things that a travel hair spray, like L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, ($7) can do on your wedding day. Makeup Remover: Your makeup is perfect, but then your great aunt comes and gives you a huge kiss on the cheek - with pink lipstick. A makeup remover will dissolve that splotch in seconds.

  • This Shine Spray Does More Than Give You Supermodel Strands

    Source: This Shine Spray Does More Than Give You Supermodel Strands

  • 5 Organic Skin Care Lines to Know – and Try! – Right Now

    We've long been a fan of skincare lines like Caudalie, Jurlique, and Nourish Organics that take their ingredients as seriously as their efficacy. But we wouldn't be good beauty junkies if we weren't constantly trying out new products, too. Kora Organics: Miranda Kerr is the gorgeous mastermind behind this skincare line, which uses only the purest, premium-quality, certified-organic ingredients formulated in accordance with Eco-Cert's and OFC's strict certification guidelines. Product to Try: Rosehip Oil, $49

  • All of Your Embarrassing Bikini Wax Questions, Answered!

    The best advice we can give you: start now - whether you choose waxing, laser, electrolysis, or another long-lasting hair-removal method. And if waxing is your choice, then you're in luck, since we tapped Noemi Grupenmager, CEO and founder of Uni K Wax Centers, to answer the questions you might not want to ask your friends or your mom (yeah, we all get itchy down there sometimes). POPSUGAR: What is the best way to avoid ingrown hair? Noemi Grupenmager: If you wax regularly, you'll lower your chance of getting an ingrown hair.

  • Everything You Need to Survive Coachella Beautifully

    Nailed Kit Festival Decals in Neon: Even if you don't have the time or funds to get a full-on gel Coachella nail art look, you can easily do it at home, thanks to Nailed Kit's Festival Decals in Neon ($8). These simple stickers can be adhered to your manicure with clear nail polish for an instantly festive look.

  • 7 Texture Hair Sprays to Get Instant Beach Waves

    Source: 7 Texture Hair Sprays to Get Instant Beach Waves

  • 10 Tips that Helped Clear Up My Dandruff Problem

    Source: 10 Tips That Helped Clear Up My Dandruff Problem

  • Straws Cause Wrinkles and 14 More Skin Tips for Your 20s

    "In their 20s, people think they're invincible and that they're never going to age, but that is when you really need to develop good habits, because it will last you a lifetime," said Dr. Debra Jaliman, board-certified dermatologist and author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist. It's never too early to start antiaging. Even if you are using antiaging, you're still aging. "People say it's so time consuming, but really just like you brush your teeth every day - that's 30 seconds." Of all the antiaging creams and treatments you can buy, sunscreen is the most inexpensive and effective route.

  • The Edgy Neon Nail Art Look Anyone Can Master

    Source: The Edgy Neon Nail Art Look Anyone Can Master

  • Stay in Your Bridal Budget by Doing Your Makeup Yourself

    Your wedding photographer is there to catch your day's biggest moments, but you shouldn't have to check your makeup before every snap of the lens. Celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff shares her tips for achieving a flawless wedding-day look that requires very little fuss postapplication.

  • 6 Ways to Make Your Pores Look Smaller Right Now

    Or, at least, stop sobbing every time you think about how perfect Jourdan Dunn's complexion is in comparison to yours (seriously, her skin is perfect. Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, $69: While you can't get your pores to magically disappear, you can work on getting the appearance of them minimized with this new advanced skincare launch from Lancome.