Healthy Voyager

    Healthy Voyager

  • Huntsville Alabama's Healthy and Vegan Hot Spots

    While Huntsville Alabama might not be a big tourist destination, it's the center of some pretty impressive stuff. It's the home of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the US Army Aviation and Missile Command. Close to the Tennessee River and not far from the state, Huntsville is a nice community filled with a ton of aerospace brainiacs, rich history and some great healthy food options!

  • Raw Zucchini Pesto Pasta

    Looking to get all the flavor and satisfaction from your favorite pasta but looking to cut out the calories and starch? Eat all the pasta you want with this raw zucchini pasta! It's easy, colorful, full of flavor and best of all, mega healthy! Leave the guilt behind and indulge in this yummalicious new way to make an Italian fave! 2-3 medium zucchinis - slice into fettuccine noodles with a vegetable peeler or mandolin. ...

  • Turkeyless Holiday Menu Planner

    Your Healthy, Vegetarian/Vegan Thanksgiving Weekend Menu Planner Complete With Recipes!

  • Healthy Sips and Suppers in San Diego

    Whether you are doing a tour of California for a little r and r or frequently travel San Diego for ComicCon, the southernmost metropolis of California, is a great place to visit. Beachy, relaxed and beautiful, healthy food is easy to find in this bayside border town. From my first San Diego post many years ago until now, lots of great stuff has popped up so I've decided to go back and check out some of the new places in and around town.

  • Seattle Swan Song

    Healthy hot spots in Seattle!

  • sEATtle

    Seattle, the Pacific Northwest's Emerald City. Home of the Space Needle and Public Market as well as the birthplace of grunge music and Starbucks. This city by the sound is beautiful, lush and a hub for delicious eats. It's a bustling town of hip and young folks and families, who have built a green

  • Some More in Seattle

    As promised, here are some more delicious Seattle secrets! Whether you are taking a leisurely city sightseeing tour or just passin' through on a west coast tour, these tasty hot spots are a must visit, regardless of your time in town. Ok, at least make time for a few of these because you'll be glad

  • Healthy St. Augustine Eats

    There is something about being in the oldest city in the United States that evokes a feeling of pride, patriotism and hunger! Taking a guided tour through the fort, going to the oldest school house and visiting the fountain of youth can whip up a mean appetite. St. Augustine offers up a variety of s

  • Hungry in Hendersonville

    Taking a tour of North Carolina, we made a pit stop in Hendersonville, located about 30 minutes from Asheville. Cute, quiet and lush with green forests, this small, American town had some fine places to dine. Not far from here, Dirty Dancing was filmed (you can take a guided tour of it), and its no

  • Charming Charlotte

    Continuing my tour of North Carolina, I was quite enamored with the healthy choices I found in the Queen City of North Carolina! A neat looking downtown, and a southern financial capital, Charlotte had the city feel with plenty of hip and chic spots to boot. Home to Nascar (including guided tours of

  • Greenville Grub

    Just a short drive from Asheville & Charlotte, NC, as well as Atlanta, GA, you will find Greenville, South Carolina. I really enjoyed taking a guided tour of this quaint city as it had all the "accoutrement" of a large city without the overwhelming crowds, etc. The downtown is wonderfully charming t

  • Some More in San Antonio

    We crammed so much in during our Race to the Alamo trip to San Antonio that I had to post another article on all the great places to dine while in this awesome Texas town! I must give big props to Hotel Contessa, for having great veggie options for breakfast as well as at their restaurant. Every mo

  • San Antonio's Healthy Hot Spots

    Deep in the heart of Texas, you'll find San Antonio. Home to the Alamo, Tex Mex and the Riverwalk. With tons of family friendly things to do and see San Antone is a beautiful city full of history as well as some pretty hip stuff. I had the chance to spend 5 fantastic days there, immersing myself in

  • Haute Veggie Cuisine at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    If you're setting out on a summer tour of Florida and thinking about some of the Orlando theme parks, Walt Disney World Resort has got you covered if you or anyone in your vacationing group follows a special diet.I love Disney's Hollywood Studios (despite living in LA and being around the real thing

  • User Post: Animal-Free Eats at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    If you find yourself sightseeing in Orlando and theme park hopping at Walt Disney World, what better way to honor the beautiful creatures at Animal Kingdom then opting for animal free meals? Veggie or not, there's lots of special diet friendly options at the park, you just have to know where to look

  • Hotel Gourmet - How To Cook While Traveling To Save Time, Money & Your Health

    Ah, traveling vs. the battle of the bulge. Or for some who follow restricted diets, like me, travel can sometimes be off limits. But fret no more as here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks on how you can travel, despite any dietary restrictions, by whipping up easy meals in your hotel room to

  • Eating Healthily At Disney’s Epcot

    We're in the thick of summer and that means family vacations and theme parks! If you're setting out on a summer tour of Florida and thinking about some of the Orlando theme parks, Walt Disney World Resort has got you covered if you or anyone in your vacationing group follows a special diet. One of t

  • Future Healthy Voyager Adventure: Competing in The Alamo City Race in San Antonio,Texas

    So this is a first, letting you know where I'll be going instead of where I've been. But there is a reason for this as you'll be able to take part in this adventure too! While I'm visiting Texas and taking an adventure packed tour of San Antonio, you'll be able to watch it all go down with my live v

  • To Dine in Tallahassee

    Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, home to FSU and lots of good healthy options for a healthy voyager like me! I'm guessin' that the college crowd, just like in Gainesville, creates a demand for special diet friendly food and for that, I am thankful to today's university crew! Tallahassee i

  • Goin' Back to Gainesville

    BAnd we're back! Gainesville had so much deliciousness to offer that we had to come up with round 2! So if you're on a road trip, taking a tour of Florida or taking a guided tour of the local colleges for future enrollment, you gotta make it a point to dine at one or more of these yummeries! One th