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  • Jack Nicholson's ax from 'The Shining' sold at auction for more than $200,000

    The weapon used in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick classic has been sold.

  • The best Carrie Fisher roles that aren't Princess Leia

    Carrie Fisher has sadly died following a heart attack on 23 December. The actress-turned screenwriter is a Hollywood icon with a diverse career beyond her iconic ‘Star Wars’ role as Princess Leia.

  • The 20 best movies of 2016

    We’ve lost countless stars of stage and screen, headlines from around the world have been relentlessly grim, and the less said about global politics the better. Life has been much kinder inside the safe and cosy confines of the cinema, where we’ve been gently reminded that everything will be OK in the end.

  • The LEGO Batman Movie character posters showcase Gotham's finest

    Everyone’s favourite Dark Knight is back in 2017’s ‘The LEGO® Batman Movie’, and he’s joined by some familiar faces – and voices – that are all showcased in these new character posters.

  • The best 'not safe for kids' Christmas movies... and their freakiest moments

    Christmas isn’t all ho ho hos, mince pies and presents under the tree – there’s a dark side to the festive season that many movies like to indulge in.

  • The most exciting movies of 2017

    2017 looks set to be another vintage year for cinema fans of all ages. Here’s the movies we’re most excited to see in 2017.

  • Actors with surprisingly impressive singing voices

    Dwayne Johnson is not short on charisma or confidence, which probably helped him get behind the mic for Disney’s animated epic ‘Moana’, in which he knocked out a surprisingly decent tune in ‘You’re Welcome’, a song that’s basically about being awesome (watch a snippet above). Adams wasn’t your typical stage-school educated actress wannabe, content with a career in acting/singing/dancing/whatever – in fact, she got her start performing dinner theatre shows and working in Hooters. Although she sang in her school choir, Adams didn’t have to test her lungs on screen until Princess Gisele felt musical in ‘Enchanted’, but she needn’t have worried – she more than did justice to Alan Menken’s music, particularly the none-chirpier ‘Happy Little Working Song’.

  • Top 10 movies you should NEVER watch on a plane

    There’s a fairy obvious reason you won’t find this 1993 Frank Marshall movie when browsing through your plane’s movie catalogue – there’s a honking great plane crash in Act 1, which leaves an entire Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the Andes. Sure, on the surface, this Peter Weir movie appears to show the upside of surviving a plane crash. Think positive! Jeff Bridges accepts that his death is imminent as his plane plummets towards the ground, but when he survives, his fearlessness is seen as an asset – that is, until he starts prancing around on rooftops, convinced of his own immortality.

  • The Edge of Seventeen: Haillee Steinfeld stars in exclusive new clip

    Critically-acclaimed teen comedy ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ hits UK cinemas on 30 November and to celebrate we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive new clip starring Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld (‘True Grit’, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’) and Blake Jenner (‘Glee’, ‘Everybody Wants Some’).

  • The Addams Family cast: Then and now

    They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, and they’re celebrating a quarter of a century: ‘The Addams Family’ is 25 years old.

  • A United Kingdom: David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike star in this exclusive new clip

    Amma Asante’s stirring new drama ‘A United Kingdom’ hits cinemas on Friday 25 November, and to celebrate we’ve got an exclusive new clip that showcases one of the film’s key moments.

  • New clip from The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years perfectly captures Beatlemania

    If you didn’t manage to catch Ron Howard’s superb Fab Four documentary ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years’ during its limited theatrical run, now is your chance as it’s out on DVD and Blu-ray this week.

  • The Conqueror: The story of the most toxic movie in Hollywood history

    Dick Powell’s 1956 epic ‘The Conqueror’, however, was such a movie – a fatally miscast and directionless bore that forever tarnished the career of star John Wayne, bankrupted RKO Pictures and potentially contributed to the deaths of scores of its own cast and crew. Nobody sets out to make a bad movie, let alone one of the most critically reviled movies of all time, so to understand ‘The Conqueror’, you have to go back to see how bad decision upon bad decision led to it being made.

  • Dumb movie cliches that never happen in real life

    The movies make everything look so glamorous, but in reality, we quickly find out that Hollywood gloss has ruined even the most basic social interactions. These are the things that the movie says are real, but the sad fact is these clichés just don’t work… Phone calls In the movies: The hero finishes his telephone conversation and abruptly hangs up the receiver without saying goodbye. In real life: You exchanged pleasantries at the start of that phone call and you’ve got all the information you needed: the where, the when and the why. ...

  • Morgan Freeman compares top Hollywood directors

    Morgan Freeman has compared his experiences working with directors including Clint Eastwood, Christopher Nolan and David Fincher.

  • Zack Snyder On “Epic” Batman Vs Superman Trio And “Realistic” Violence

    Batman Vs Superman director Zack Snyder has spoken about his excitement at unveiling DC’s core trio of superheroes on screen together for the first time.

  • Tarantino’s still working on The Hateful Eight

    At a reading of ‘The Hateful Eight’ this weekend in LA, Quentin Tarantino revealed he's still working on the supposedly scrapped screenplay.