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    Yahoo Beauty Staff

  • All the beautiful natural hair moments at Fashion Week

    Check out all the loose waves, tight curls, thick dreadlocks, and fine Afros.

  • Hollywood's biggest stars are going blond

    Famous faces like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, and even Kris Jenner have all taken the plunge and opted for a new shade of blond.

  • 'Stranger Things' star's insane hair requires a surprising amount of maintenance

    Everyone please give a round of applause for Joe Keery’s hair. The star of Stranger Things, the hit Netflix show that was picked up for a third season on Friday, admitted that if it weren’t for his signature locks, “I don’t think anyone would actually be able to recognize me.” He added,  “And I’ve shaved my head before, a couple times, you know it’s not the greatest look I’ll say.”

  • All the times Khloé Kardashian gave us ab envy

    Khloé Kardashian has undergone a major transformation during the past few years. The reality star is putting in a lot of time at the gym and focuses on maintaining a well-balanced diet. Kardashian’s snaps and Instagram posts give her followers a sneak peek into her at-home fitness routines. Her beau, Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson, has even joined in on the action.

  • Selena Gomez's Top Instagram Photos

    The “Fetish” singer holds the title of the user with the most followers on Instagram. Since joining Instagram in 2013 the star has been posting a mix of personal candids and professionally styled snaps that her fans have been eating up. Here’s a look at which of those are her most popular to date.

  • Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson: A timeline of their relationship.

    Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers are rumored to be expecting their first child. The news comes less than a week after it was first reported that Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner is pregnant as well. Here we take a look at Kardashian’s and Thompson’s relationship. ...

  • Kylie Jenner's not alone: celebrities who became parents before hitting 25

    Like it or not, one of the bigger headlines this weekend is the mostly confirmed, but still kind of rumored pregnancy of Kylie Jenner. The young reality television star is reportedly expecting a girl with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. At the tender age of 20, some might presume she’s too young to be a parent, but there have been plenty of other stars and celebs who entered the hallowed halls of parenthood before they hit their quarter-life crisis. Breeze through the slideshow to see some of the other little mamas and dadas who came before Kylie. ...

  • Kylie Jenner's not alone: more celebrities who became parents before hitting 25

    More than a handful of celebs have become parents at a young age -- Kylie's not the only one.

  • Silver Stunners: Kim Kardashian, Mel B, and more stars rocking fall's shimmery silver hair color trend

    Many people are looking to dramatically switch up their look as they step into fall. You can easily update your wardrobe or try out a bold lipstick, but going for a fresh new hair hue is probably your best bet if you really want to turn heads. Wondering what this season’s “it” color is? Just think silver fox with a hint of sparkle. ...

  • Fierce looks from RuPaul's DragCon NYC 2017

    More than 35,000 fans of drag stormed the Jacob Javits Center in NYC for what turned out to be a veritable feast for the eyes: RuPaul's DragCon

  • What Is This Hot Dog and Marshmallow Treat That Ivanka Trump Fed to Her Kids?

    Ivanka Trump shared a photo of hot dogs and marshmallows on skewers, a traditional Filipino birthday dish, served at her daughter's sixth-birthday celebration.

  • 12 Iconic American Beauty Products That Make Us Nostalgic

    Among the aisles and shelves of creams, soaps, powders, and lotions, these products are beloved equally for the way they’re packaged, their memorable scent, and how they make us feel.

  • 7 Dads Who Are Hairstyling Experts

    To all the fathers out there, we would like to thank you for the patience, love, and understanding you so selflessly give away. Thank you for being our most valuable teacher throughout life, showing us everything from how to throw a ball and opening a checking account to being kind and unrelentless in becoming a better version of ourselves. Although we might not always make it easy on you, we can always count on you to be there by our sides. 

  • Sasha Obama Is the Little Sister We All Wish We Had

    The world has watched Sasha Obama grow up — from the cute little girl cheering her dad on at the Democratic Convention almost a decade ago to the poised young woman she is today. Sasha has always had her family’s back and seems to offer something fun in any situation she is thrown into. She is bold and fearless, and unsurprisingly stands strong for what she believes in. To celebrate her 16th birthday, here are some of the moments that made us wish she were our very own little sister.

  • Rare Moments We Saw Kanye West Smile

    Here are a few rare occasions where we say Kanye West flash his pearly whites.

  • 9 Quotes from 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' That Define Friendship Goals

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies have been defining what it means to be part of a true sisterhood for more than a decade now. We watched Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel form an onscreen bond that eventually blossomed into the ultimate girlfriend group. Our teenage selves felt the pain of every heartbreak and the uncertainty of each big life transition right alongside these young women. ...

  • ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ Is Still a Good Fit, 12 Years Later

    Over the past decade, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" stars have appeared alongside one another as businesswomen, mothers, and the best of friends.

  • Hollywood’s Ageless Unicorns: Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lopez, and More

    Hollywood is filled with stars who have found ways to defy age (and gravity) to remain as youthful and vibrant as they were a decade ago.

  • Janet Jackson’s Beauty Evolution — ‘All for You’

    As the youngest of the iconic Jackson family, singer and actress Janet Jackson has certainly made a name for herself. She started off in television on shows such as The Jacksons and Good Times throughout the ’70s and early ’80s. In 1982, she signed a recording contract with A&M Records, thus beginning her very impressive music career.

  • ’90s Movies Beauty Looks We Are Still Obsessed With

    From Demi Moore's boyish pixie cut in "Ghost" to the brick-red lipstick Jennifer Lopez rocked in "Selena," the '90s had hair and makeup for everyone.