Vikrant Damke

    Vikrant Damke

  • Who is a high net worth individual? How are their investments different?

    A Knight Frank 2020 report, which uses the $1 million benchmark, estimates that there were 2.9 lakh HNIs in India in 2019. The report noted that HNIs and UHNIs have an affinity towards equities, real estate, fixed income instruments, private equity, and gold as the preferred forms of investment. One striking difference in HNI investment philosophy is the risk associated with the more extensive investment amount at stake, which guides their investment pattern.

  • Why Indian govt is privatising airports

    Recently there has been much discussion and furore regarding the Indian Government’s decision to privatise many public and government-held entities, including airports. Whether you favour this decision or not, it is necessary to understand why the Government has taken this step. Airport privatisation doesn’t mean that the Government is selling the airports to private players.

  • All you need to know about Gautam Adani

    Gautam Shantilal Adani is a man who needs no introduction. Gautam Adani always had entrepreneurial instincts and outlook. Gautam Adani was born in Ahmedabad on 24 June 1962 to Shanti and Shantilal Adani.