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    Torrey AndersonSchoepe
  • Reports: American-born 'jihadist rapper' killed in shootout with terror group

    One of the FBI's most wanted terrorists, Alabama-born Omar Hammami, has been killed in a shootout with Shebab militants linked to al-Qaida, according to reports by the AFP.

  • Small business owners hope to see economic boost after U.S.—China summit

    Local business leaders in the Coachella Valley hope that the high-profile summit between President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will help usher in new economic life into the region. The leaders of the world’s two most powerful countries conducted business at the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, bringing international attention to the serene Coachella desert [...]

  • Residents capture amazing videos in the face of tornadoes

    A series of 16 violent tornadoes ransacked north Texas this week, killing six people and flattening entire neighborhoods. Seven people who were reported missing early Friday morning have now been accounted for, but the storms aren't over yet. Severe thunderstorms are expected late Friday in Alabama and Mississippi, and the Plains and the Midwest face [...]

  • Obama aide: ‘The country is better off’

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.—As the Democratic National Convention opens on the heels of some of President Barack Obama's surrogates fumbling when asked if the country is better off than it was four years ago, Obama campaign aides took the question head-on Tuesday morning. "The country is better off," declared Stephanie Cutter, the president's deputy campaign manager. Joined [...]

  • Romney advisers: We don’t know who RNC mystery guest speaker is

    TAMPA, Fla. — Who is the mystery guest speaker at this year's Republican National Convention? Mitt Romney's top advisers claim that even they are out of the loop. "I do not know. I'm intrigued," Eric Ferhnstrom, a senior Romney adviser, told Yahoo! News' David Chalian and ABC News' Jonathan Karl during a discussion Tuesday morning [...]

  • Casey Anthony's parents speak out on murder trial with Dr. Phil

    Casey Anthony's parents speak out for the first time since their daughter's murder trial.

  • People react after magnitude 5.8 quake rocks East Coast

    A magnitude 5.8 earthquake rocked the East Coast, one of the most powerful ever recorded in that region, prompting evacuations at the Pentagon, White House and Capitol. The tremors, which were felt as far north as Rhode Island and New … <a href="http://blog.tools.news.yahoo.com/newsroom/2011/08/23/people-react-after-magnitude-5-9-quake-rocks-east-coast/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>

  • East Africa famine: How to help

    Tens of thousands of starving Somalis have flooded Mogadishu refugee camps in search of food as the nation fights the region’s worst drought in 60 years and ruling militants who are blocking aid from western countries.

  • An iconic journey: From village priest to Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II, who started out as a priest in a Polish village, will be beatified Sunday, marking the third of four steps to sainthood. It's the fastest beatification in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, even beating … <a href="http://blog.tools.news.yahoo.com/newsroom/2011/04/28/an-unlikely-journey-from-village-priest-to-pope-john-paul-ii/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>

  • Recession spurs Web drifters, entrepreneurs to create own jobs

    The U.S. economy is slowly climbing its way out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. But unlike the 1930s, some of today's financially strapped families can use modern technology to take matters into their own hands and create … <a href="http://blog.tools.news.yahoo.com/newsroom/2011/04/11/recession-spurs-web-drifters-entrepreneurs-to-create-own-jobs/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>