Tanya Ray Fox

    Tanya Ray Fox

  • Final gold medal in PyeongChang goes to most decorated Winter Olympian ever

    With 39 total medals and 14 gold medals, the athletes of Norway will return home to their countrymen as the undisputed champions of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games — and the greatest among them will be Marit Bjorgen. Bjorgen finished a legendary couple of weeks with a bang, winning the final gold medal of the Games in the Ladies’ 30km Mass Start event. Instead, she became the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time.

  • Javier Fernandez aka Super Javi delivers the must-see performance of the Olympics

    Javier Fernandez, the 2018 Olympic bronze medalist, is the greatest Spanish figure skater of all time. While it’s largely Fernandez’s technical brilliance that has made him a two-time World Champion, five-time European champion and eight-time Spanish national champion, it was his artistry that made him the star of the figure skating exhibition gala at the Gangneung Ice Arena on Sunday in PyeongChang. Fernandez debuted the delightful “Super Javi” exhibition program back in 2013.

  • Ivanka Trump is 'rolling commercial' to and from the Olympics

    Ivanka Trump has been making the most of her time in PyeongChang as the leader of the U.S. delegation for the Closing Ceremony, attending as many events as possible and even holding John Schuster’s son in her arms as the American skip helped curl his country to victory. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for the American tax payer), Ivanka and her crew are “rolling” home the same way they arrived: commercial.

  • How Adam Rippon won the 2018 Olympics even without a gold medal

    The 2018 Winter Olympics may be remembered in the figure skating community as the year that all of the Americans choked. It sounds harsh, but just about everyone performed below expectation in their individual events at some point. Bradie Tennell and Nathan Chen entered the games with a reputation for never falling on their jumps, but they both fell multiple times in PyeongChang.

  • Team USA schooled the world in snowboarding at the 2018 Olympics

    The USA doesn’t always dominate an entire sport at the Winter Olympics. In fact, Americans have been subpar comparatively in PyeongChang. However when it comes to snowboarding, the United States are the undisputed international big dogs. In other words, the United States is to snowboarding what Norway is to literally every other event.

  • South Koreans want their poor sport speedskaters kicked out of the Olympics

    The Olympic Games in their modern incarnation are meant to foster international diplomacy in the name of sports, so if there’s one thing you don’t expect as an Olympian, it’s to experience heartbreak and bullying at the hands of your own teammates. At the time this was published, nearly 600,000 South Koreans had signed a petition addressed to the presidential office, calling for Kim Bo-Reum and Park Ji Woo to be kicked out of the Games as a consequence for how they treated teammate Noh after their elimination from the ladies team pursuit quarterfinals race on Tuesday. The team pursuit is unique in the sense only the slowest team member’s time matters, and for the South Koreans, that was Noh.

  • Mirai Nagasu didn't fall on her triple axel but it would've been better if she had

    Mirai Nagasu entered the 2018 Winter Olympics as the only woman with a triple axel in her program. The jump is the most difficult in women’s figure skating and had never been performed successfully by an American woman at the Olympics – until the team event in PyeongChang. Nagasu made history when she perfectly landed the jump, which has since become the most triumphant single moment for any American figure skater at the 2018 Games – and she had high hopes of repeating that performance in the ladies single event.

  • Gold medalist figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu is impressively bad at speed skating

    At 23 years old, Yuzuru Hanyu is the greatest Asian male figure skater of all time. The last skater to pull that off was American legend, Dick Button. In other words, Hanyu is as big of a bad ass on the ice as you’re going to find anywhere on the planet — as long as he’s wearing figure skates.

  • French figure skater pulls off impressive mid-skate costume change

    French figure skater Mae Berenice Meite entered these 2018 Winter Olympics with no chance at making the podium, but she’s still managed to make the most of her time in the spotlight. Meite’s star shines brightly during her performances, which have appealed to Olympic viewers who crave something that doesn’t feel cookie cutter — and there’s nothing ordinary about a world-class skater and athlete of her caliber skating her short program to Beyonce while wearing an incredible black jumpsuit. The four-time French national champion entered the free skate on Thursday in 22nd place out of the 24 skaters who qualified, meaning she performed early in the night — but you better believe that people won’t forget her or her program.

  • Mike Pence accuses media of fawning over Kim Yo-jong after Olympic ceremonies

    Mike Pence’s controversial visit to PyeongChang as part of the U.S. delegation at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics was weeks ago, but the conversation surrounding his refusal to acknowledge the North Koreans persists. The Vice President attracted attention, both positive and negative, for his refusal to stand up for North Korea or acknowledge Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who was seated just feet away in a reviewing stand. While the United States, along with most of their international allies, has remained firm in their foreign policy stance on North Korea, some felt that Pence’s behavior was hypocritical in light of his criticism of NFL athletes who took a knee in protest of police brutality in 2017.

  • Twitter suddenly got patriotic after USA beat Canada in the gold medal game

    The United States of America won a gold medal in ice hockey for the first time in 20 years, and it literally couldn’t have been a closer finish. Despite playing the better game throughout, including through the entire overtime period, the Team USA women found themselves tied 2-2 with Canada at the end of OT, forcing the dreaded shootout.

  • Jimmy Fallon surprises Chloe Kim with giant version of her Corn Flakes box

    Chloe Kim has been all smiles since the very beginning of her journey to gold medal stardom at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and for good reason. Toss in her youthful exuberance, natural charm and excellent social media presence and you’ve got the future face of extreme winter sports — and the current face of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Kim is back in the U.S. and stopped by to talk with the equally ebullient Jimmy Fallon about her historic success on the snowboarding halfpipe in South Korea.

  • Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will host the Olympic Closing Ceremony for NBC

    Tara Lipinksi and Johnny Weir are the undisputed breakout stars of NBC’s Winter Olympics broadcast from PyeongChang.

  • Watch the small army it takes to get Tara and Johnny ready for TV

    Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have become almost as famous for their broadcast booth fashion as they have for the fiery figure skating commentary that has catapulted them into the spotlight at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. In short, it takes a lot of research, really big hair and Tara taking control of DJ duties for their pre-show dance parties.

  • No, NBC did not cut away from the Olympics for a car chase in L.A.

    *Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated that the NBC broadcast was interrupted by breaking news coverage of the car chase. The local, half-hour NBC news broadcast started with coverage of the live car chase and returned to regularly scheduled Olympic programming once the news broadcast was over. For residents of Los Angeles, the night’s most film-worthy spectacle went down thousands of miles from PyeongChang.

  • Olympic curler named miracle baby after island where curling rocks originate

    Ailsa Craig is having a bit of a moment during these Winter Games. As curling enjoys it’s quadrennial fifteen minutes of fame, so too does the tiny island that serves as the sole source of the unique granite used to make Olympic curling stones. The small, uninhabited volcanic plug off the coast of Scotland produces granite that is low in quartz with a tight molecular structure that makes it impervious to water and melting ice — a sort of geological anomaly that feels almost divinely imparted on the world of curling.

  • Team USA dominates men's big air qualification runs

    Americans are doing well in the new Olympic sport

  • Lindsey Vonn's haters boo her bronze medal on social media

    Lindsey Vonn is indisputably one of the greatest American skiers of all time, and at 33 years old, she found herself back on the Olympic podium for the third time in her storied career. Vonn won the bronze medal in the ladies downhill final, and although it’s an objectively impressive achievement, an increasingly familiar anti-Vonn narrative emerged yet again in comment sections and on Twitter timelines everywhere. Before the race was even over, self-proclaimed Americans were taking to Twitter to congratulate gold medalist Sofia Goggia from Italy and Norway’s silver medalist, Ragnhild Mowinckel, for beating Vonn – and to invoke karma as the reason she failed to win the gold.

  • While you were sleeping: USA women's hockey moves onto gold medal game

    While most of the United States was fast asleep, the Winter Olympics were in full swing on the other side of the world in PyeongChang, South Korea. CURLING: It finally happened, my friends — America beat Canada in curling! The American men kept themselves (somewhat) in the mix with their 9-7 upset on Monday. SPEED SKATING: Norway notched their 10th gold medal of the PyeongChang Games with Havard Lorentzen’s victory in the men’s 500m.