Tamara Hinson

    Tamara Hinson

  • The best time-saving beauty products for you to try out in 2014

    The bad news? March isn't far off, and at the end of that month, we lose an hour of our lives. The good news? A rush of companies have recently launched products which give a whole new meaning to the term "two in one," and we've got the low down on these time-saving miracle workers.

  • Beauty products to give you a healthy glow

    Let's face it, we can't rely on warm weather or sunny days to help restore the healthy glow, which has (for some of us, at least) proved so elusive since the weather took a turn for the worse. The good news? Some of the hottest new product launches are ones designed to give our complexions a glow-enhancing, radiance-boosting pick-me-up.

  • 6 of the best beauty brands to watch out for in 2014

    2014 promises to be an exciting year in the beauty world, with some fantastic new brands launching in the UK for the first time, while other tried-and-trusted names are launching ground-breaking new products.

  • Going for the chop in the New Year? Expert tips on whether short hair is right for you

    Considering going for the chop? Before you lop off your locks, it's worth taking a few moments to consider which style will work for you. And we're not just talking about face shape either. Your hair colour, jaw line and hair thickness can all influence how the end result looks, feels and moves.

  • How to look after your feet this Christmas

    Christmas is a time to don the glad rags and prepare to party, but if you don't look after your pinkies, no amount of mulled wine will dull the discomfort of sore feet.

  • How to be more confident without relying on your make-up

    Ditching the make up might well sound like a bizarre solution, but doing so is also a great way of reminding ourselves that beauty really does come from the inside.

  • The up do: How to master the hair look of the season

    Forget tumbling locks and touselled waves, the up do is back for the winter. Experts are predicting we’ll see celebs sporting the classic up do this party season, but with a 21st century twist bringing it bang up to date.

  • Pore Perfectors: our top tips for glowing winter skin

    As the weather takes a turn for the worse, we round up the best pore perfectors out there

  • How to get the dewy skin look this season

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is officially over, which means it’s time to ditch the lightweight serums and tinted moisturisers and invest in some heavy-duty hydration. Why? Because cold air is dry air, so even those prone to oiliness can benefit from a little extra moisture.

  • Cankle liposuction? Dimpleplasty? Twelve bizarre plastic surgery procedures

    A South Korean plastic surgery clinic has started offering a drastic new procedure designed to curl lips upward and create a more "western-style" face. We checked out some equally bizarre plastic surgery procedures.

  • HOT NEW HAIR TREND: Is splashlighting the new ombre?

    We've had ombre hair, dip-dye hair and rainbow hair, so it's hardly surprising that the latest hair trend also revolves around colour.

  • Time to ditch the day-glo: The AW13 season is coming and it's all matte lips, petal pinks and flawless skin

    Ditch the summer day-glo and neon hues, as this autumn/winter 2013 it's all about matte lip stains and petal pinks.

  • Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue: What's in her make up bag?

    MIC star Rosie Fortescue reveals her beauty must-haves as we delve inside her make up bag for our exclusive interview.

  • Emma Stone’s Gangster Squad behind-the-scenes wardrobe secrets revealed - EXCLUSIVE

    Gangster Squad - the action-packed blockbuster starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling - is now available on DVD. We caught up with award-winning costume designer Mary Zophres to learn about 1940s style, why she hates sportswear and what it's like to work with one of Hollywood's hottest actresses.

  • Essentials for a healthy scalp to ensure beautiful hair

    You might never consider your scalp or its health until it gets itchy or irritated. And it’s easy to underestimate how crucial a role our scalp plays in the quest for follicular fabulousness.

  • The best skincare products for combination skin to mattify and hydrate

    The best skincare products for combination skin to mattify and hydrate

  • Top nail art trends for 2013

    Our beauty experts give you a sneak peak at next year's nail trends and essential buys

  • Top 10 beauty myths debunked

    Ahead of the festive party season, we reveal the 'beauty how tos' that really work and expose the ones that don't

  • Finding the perfect mascara

    Mascara's come a long way since it first appeared on the scene in 400BC. That's right: in ancient Egypt, women coated their lashes with a mixture of burnt almond, honey, and crocodile faeces. The Romans also loved a slick of mascara, and believed that having an overly active sex life caused the eye lashes to [...]

  • How to choose the perfect foundation

    Foundations, primers and BB creams are some of the most important items of makeup. They create a base onto which other makeup can be applied and help to create an even skin tone. The right ones can smooth away fine lines, banish dark circles and take years off our age. The wrong ones, however, can [...]