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    Steven Hopkins

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  • Brazil Prison Riot Leaves 57 Dead With 16 Victims Decapitated

    Altamira prison authorities said the violence was between two gangs and began after a cell was set on fire.

  • Emirates Flight Lands At JFK Airport With 'Dozens' Of Sick Passengers

    One person on board tweeted that the trip was "basically a flying infirmary" and questioned why some of the passengers were allowed on in the first place.

  • Iran Fans Stage World Cup Protest Over Ban On Women At Football Games

    One read “#NoBan4Women” and “Support Iranian Women to Attend Stadiums”. It was held aloft during the match against Morocco in the Russian city of St Petersburg on Friday. After it was initially unfurled, during the first half of the game, there was a brief commotion as it was put away.

  • Os dois livros que Harvey Weinstein estava segurando ao se entregar à polícia

    Harvey Weinsteinse entregou para a polícia em Nova York nesta sexta-feira (25) carregando dois livros que geraram ainda mais especulações sobre como o produtor se viu injustiçado em meio ao escândalo que deu início a um movimento mundial de mulheres contra o assédio sexual.

  • Donald Trump's Jerusalem Decision Rejected By The UN

    More than 100 countries defied President Donald Trump on Thursday and voted in favor of a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for the United States to withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump had threatened to cut off financial aid to countries that voted in favor. The US said on Thursday that it was being “singled out for attack” over its decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and again threatened to cut off aid to countries that try to vote against that decision at the UN General Assembly.

  • Australian MP Bob Katter Turns Question On Same-Sex Marriage Into Bizarre Crocodile Rant

    An Australian MP has linked the country’s vote on same-sex marriage to crocodile attacks in North Queensland in a transition so unlikely it has to be seen to be believed. Bob Katter made the remarks on Wednesday after the results of a national survey showed Australians backed the law-change, but the absurdity of his performance for the press didn’t fully resonate until Sunday when it was singled out on the ABC’s Insider programme. Katter, who is no stranger to controversy, began by seemingly softening his stance on the issue, speaking in short breathless bursts, with a jolly expression.

  • Oxford Street Could Be Pedestrianised By December 2018, London Mayor Announces

    Large parts of London’s Oxford Street could be pedestrianised by December 2018 under plans put forward by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to turn the strip into the “world’s best outdoor shopping experience”. About half a mile of the street from Oxford Circus to Orchard Street could become a “traffic-free pedestrian boulevard”, the mayor said in unveiling plans on Monday that are being publicly consulted on until 17 December, 2017. Oxford Street is world famous with millions of visitors every year, and in just over a year the iconic part of the street west of Oxford Circus could be transformed into a traffic-free pedestrian boulevard.

  • North Korea Nuclear Site Tunnel Collapses, Reports As Many As 200 Killed

    As many as 200 workers could have been killed after a tunnel under construction at North Korea’s nuclear test site collapsed, Japanese news reports said on Tuesday. The Yohap News Agency said about 100 people were trapped inside the unfinished tunnel at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site when the incident happened on October 10. The Yohap report suggested experts had warned the test site must have become “fatigued and unstable” following six nuclear tests including the most recent one in September, which featured a 100-kiloton hydrogen bomb.

  • North Korea Nuclear Site Tunnel Collapses, Amid Reports As Many As 200 People Killed

    Experts suggest the test site may have become 'fatigued and unstable' following nuclear tests.

  • 'Top Secret Heathrow Plans To Protect Queen' Found On Memory Stick In Street

    An investigation has been launched at Heathrow Airport after a memory stick reportedly containing confidential security information was found in the street. The Sunday Mirror says the USB stick - which was not encrypted and had 2.5GB of data - was discovered by a member of the public in Ilbert Street in Queen’s Park, west London, and handed to the paper. It reportedly contained files revealing information such as security measures used to protect the Queen at the airport, the types of ID needed to access restricted areas and the locations of CCTV cameras and tunnels linked to the Heathrow Express.

  • Somalia Bombings: The Deadly Tragedy 'No One Is Talking About'

    Twin explosions in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu that claimed at least 263 lives has been compared to terror attacks in the UK to highlight the “shameful” contrast in public interest in African tragedies. While the bombings made the front page of the Guardian on Monday commenters on Twitter lamented how little attention the bombings had garnered given the death toll. The tragedy failed to gain any traction on social media, with stories seemingly not resonating enough to trend.

  • Saw Discovered By Police Divers In Kim Wall Murder Investigation

    A saw has been found by police divers investigating the murder of journalist Kim Wall whose dismembered body was found in the sea off Copenhagen. Madsen has been detained and charged with killing the Swede. According to Danish media, police found a saw in Koge Bay, between Copenhagen and Sweden, which was near the route that police believe the pair sailed.

  • Hate Crimes Targeting Mosques In UK More Than Doubles In A Year

    Hate crimes targeting mosques and other Muslim places of worship across the UK more than doubled between 2016 and 2017. Police forces recorded 110 hate crimes directed at mosques between March and July this year, up from just 47 over the same period in 2016, a Press Association investigation has found. Racist abuse and threats to “bomb the mosque” feature heavily among the hate crimes, as do incidents of offenders smashing windows on buildings and parked cars.

  • Catalonia Signals It Will Declare Independence From Spain Within Days

    Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has claimed as the country’s king on Tuesday accused secessionist leaders of shattering democratic principles and dividing Catalan society. In an interview with the BBC late on Tuesday, Catalonia’s leader Carles Puigdemont said his government would “act at the end of this week or the beginning of next”. Puigdemont’s comments came as King Felipe VI, in a televised speech, accused those seeking independence of “irresponsible behavior”, Reuters reported.

  • Police Raid Property After London Tube Terror Attack

    An armed police operation is under way in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, by police investigating the Parsons Green bombing, the Press Association has reported. Residents in the Cavendish Road area of Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, have been told to leave their property, the Times And Star reported on Saturday.

  • Seal Enjoys Freedom After Six Months Of Frisbee Stuck Around Neck

    A seal who got a yellow Frisbee trapped round her neck has finally had it removed after half a year. The Atlantic grey seal, nicknamed Mrs Frisbee, became weaker as the plastic disc cut into her as she grew, but no-one could get near her to help. Mrs Frisbee was finally caught at Horsey beach, around 12 miles north of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, on Thursday and taken to an RSPCA centre for treatment.

  • Parsons Green Terror Attack Sees Police Arrest Man In Dover

    Police said the arrest was ‘significant’.

  • Ex-CIA Agent Crowdfunding To Buy Twitter So She Can Kick Trump Off It

    A former undercover CIA agent has so far raised over $35,000 in a bold attempt to purchase Twitter so she can stop Donald Trump using it. If @Twitter executives won't shut down Trump's violence and hate, then it's up to us. The White House responded to the initiative on Wednesday, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issuing a statement saying that the low total (at that point less than $6000 (£4680) had been raised) showed that the American people like the Republican president's use of Twitter.

  • Barcelona Terror Cell 'Planned Attacks At Targets Including Sagrada Família'

    The Barcelona terror cell behind two attacks in Spain last week that killed 15 people planned attacks on a much larger scale, including reportedly bombing the city’s iconic Sagrada Família church, a suspect has told a court. Mohamed Houli Chemlal made the admission after being brought before a judge in Madrid, Spanish media reported, quoting court officials. The targets have not been confirmed by police but reports suggests one of them was the Antoni Gaudí designed church.