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  • Islamic Finance: 10 key terms to know

    The city of London is hosting a meeting of the World Islamic Economic Forum. This is the first time that a non-Muslim country is hosting such an event. During such time, you may hear a lot about Islamic finance.

  • Right time to invest in insurance stocks: Things to know

    With the passing of the Insurance Bill in Parliament in March 2015, the insurance sector has been in the news. Foreigners can now invest up to 49% in an insurance company up from 26% earlier. This is good for insurance companies.

  • Rail Budget 2014-15- Why railway stocks fell

    Shares of companies that were expected to benefit from the Railway Budget announced on Tuesday fell after a dramatic surge over the past few months.

  • This is how India’s onion cartel works

    You know inflation is high when onion prices begin to soar. Check out why onion prices have nearly doubled over the past few weeks.

  • Budget 2014-15: Why disinvestment matters

    At a time when the government is trying to fuel the economy and narrow the fiscal deficit, disinvestment matters. Here’s why

  • Basics explained: How the Iraq crisis could impact India

    The internal strife in Iraq is causing ripples across global financial markets. India, a net importer of oil, is expected largely to be affected by the crisis.

  • Rail freight hike: How it affects five sectors

    Rail freight hike is likely to push up costs for multiple sectors which rely on the rail network for transportation of raw materials and other goods.

  • Market Basics explained: What is stock selection

    Selecting one or even five stocks from over 5,000 listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange is difficult. Here are two approaches.

  • Market Basics explained: Three market indicators you should know

    When you are an active investor, you need to be alert and anticipate stock market movements correctly.

  • Market Basics explained: What is Open Interest?

    Trends in the derivatives market help us understand the spot market. One such factor to be considered is ‘Open Interest’

  • Making sense of the President's speech on the PM's roadmap

    The address to the joint session of Parliament by President Pranab Mukherjee outlined the new government’s vision for growth.

  • Indian elections and money spent: 5 facts

    Political parties receive donations from corporates, trusts and individuals. According to rules, all political parties are expected to disclose any income over Rs 20,000 from any person or a company.

  • Why Wipro tumbled when Sensex hit new high

    While stock market indices touched a new peak over the past two days, shares of Wipro – a key index component – tumbled nearly 10%.

  • How to understand stock market recommendations

    Picking a stock to buy is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. You may not be able to buy the stock most in demand – it may be very costly.

  • Scared of stock market swings? 5 things to note

    A falling stock market is always a cause of concern for retail investors. This is because the value of their stock falls. This is especially so, if the fall happens just after buying shares.

  • Why you should trade carefully this election season

    Ahead of the elections, the markets hit new lifetime highs repeatedly. It is safe to assume that the Street is anticipating a pick-up in the economy post the election, and hence betting for a brighter future.

  • Sun Pharma-Ranbaxy merger: What this means

    Sun Pharma, a large Indian drug maker, has announced acquisition of Ranbaxy Laboratories, another Indian pharmaceutical company. Over the past 5 days, Ranbaxy shares jumped 22%, while Sun Pharma shares rose 2% on Monday.

  • Why Infosys shares tumbled

    Infosys spoke to investors about prospects for business going forward on Wednesday.

  • Basics explained: How is PMI different from IIP

    Stock markets use different barometers to assess the performance of businesses. While company specific developments matter to investors, it is also important to look at the overall performance of the industry.

  • Telangana issue: 10 things to know

    Amidst an uproar, the Indian Parliament passed a Bill approving the formation of a new state of Telangana.