Shreya Mishra

    Shreya Mishra

  • Money habits of millennials that are making them poorer

    The oldest generation of baby boomers today might be facing a difficult retirement phase as most of their money might have been lost during recession. Despite this, it is Gen Y that is subjected to the most uncertain financial future. This isn't because of their irrational spending habits as they are accused of, but it is a combination of different characteristics like income, spending, and age.

  • 5 things you shouldn't do during recession

    After witnessing bullish trends in the market for a very long time, the end of this era’s good times was inevitable. Seeing a global pandemic as a driving force for this recession might not have been many people’s vision, but this incident spoke volumes regarding the uncertainty of life. Making decisions based on fear and emotions at such times will lead to a worse impact on a person’s finances than expected.