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  • Bacteria can survive longer on contact lenses than originally thought

    A new British study is raising a red flag about a harmful bacteria strain that appears to remain on contact lenses even after they have been cleaned. Researchers from the University of Liverpool discovered that while the majority of clinical … Continue reading →

  • Chicken gives little boy heartfelt hug

    A YouTube video showing the tender moment six-year-old Mason reaches his arms out to Love Bird the chicken as she waddles towards him, placing her neck on his shoulder is garnering a lot of buzz today. As the young boy … Continue reading →

  • New app could help you beat jet lag

    Bloodshot eyes, waking up at 3 a.m. and a disrupted eating schedule -- jet lag is never fun. But now, researchers from the University of Michigan and Yale University have launched a new app that they claim reduces the amount … Continue reading →

  • Gold-plated skateboard selling for $15,000

    The world of obscenely priced children's toys has reached a new level. Allow us to introduce you to the $15,000 gold-plated skateboard. The one-of-a-kind item is being sold by SHUT, New York City's first skateboarding company, and can only be … Continue reading →

  • What your sleep position says about your relationship

    Is possible to tell how happy a couple is by measuring the distance between them as they sleep? According to a new British study, sleeping less than an inch from your partner means you're more likely to be in a … Continue reading →

  • Domino’s launches fried chicken crust ‘pizza’

    Domino's pizza chain recently announced their new artery-clogging "pizza" -- which really isn't pizza, but rather fried chicken topped with pizza fixings. Dubbed the "Specialty Chicken", the creation swaps pizza dough for bite-sized pieces of fried chicken, which are then … Continue reading →

  • Loyal puppy waits outside hospital for 8 days to embrace owner

    A loyal puppy was recently reunited with his owner after waiting outside the hospital for more than a week. The patient canine named Seco refused to leave his post outside the Brazilian hospital that his owner, Lauri da Costa, was … Continue reading →

  • Can jazz music help you slim down? Strange tricks to keep the pounds off

    What if dieting didn't involve, well, dieting? It turns out the secret to slimming down isn't just eating better and exercising. According to science (yes, science!), it's the details that can make or break your diet. Everything from the kind … Continue reading →

  • ‘World’s toughest job’ offers no salary, no vacation and no sleep

    The 'world's toughest job' offers hopeful candidates no salary, no vacation and no sleep. It requires the incumbent work 135 hours a week, all while standing, and the person must have three degrees -- in finance, medicine and culinary arts. … Continue reading →

  • Feeling hungry? You are more likely to lash out at your spouse

    A new study suggests that missing your afternoon snack may be doing more than just making you grumpy -- it could be causing you marital strife. Researchers from Ohio State University suggests that hunger, when accompanied by low blood sugar, … Continue reading →

  • This psychology professor is about to change the way you drink wine

    You know when you buy an exquisite $25 bottle of wine on vacation, only to find it tastes like your average $12 bottle when you crack it open at home? No, your memory isn't deceiving you -- you're experiencing a … Continue reading →

  • This wax prevents your glasses from slipping down your nose

    Tired of your glasses constantly slipping down your nose? There's a wax for that. Nerdwax is a new product currently in development -- a blend of organic beeswax and coconut oil in a lip balm-sized tube -- designed to be … Continue reading →

  • British teacher saves student’s life by donating kidney

    A 53-year-old British teacher is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a seriously ill student by donating one of his kidneys. Rae Coe, a special needs educator in London, England, was anxious to help 13-year-old Alya Ahmed … Continue reading →

  • The upside to memory decline? Lower risk of cancer death

    A new study is adding further evidence to the idea that there is an inverse relationship between dementia and cancer. The research, published in the journal Neurology, shows that older people who have memory and thinking problems, but have not … Continue reading →

  • Pap rap: Woman raps about importance of pap smears

    Comedian Nadia Kamil has done what no woman has done before -- she's made pap tests trendy. The U.K. writer and actress recently released her witty music video "Pap Rap," where she rhymes about the importance of women getting a … Continue reading →

  • This chocolate toothpaste will set you back $100

    Don't tell the kids, but chocolate might actually be good for your teeth. American oral care company Theodent has created a luxury line of fluoride-free toothpastes made with a patented substance called Rennou, which is derived from the cacao plant … Continue reading →

  • Woman vows to finish bucket list of young organ donor who saved her life

    A 64-year-old California woman whose life was saved by a young organ donor has vowed to fulfill the bucket list of the woman who gave her a new heart. Susan Vieira -- who suffered from congestive heart failure and probably … Continue reading →

  • Awesome mom builds ultimate $1,500 treehouse

    A Tennessee realtor looking to create a nature retreat for her two boys has built the ultimate dream treehouse -- and we don't blame her if she decides to keep it for herself. "We wanted a space for our boys … Continue reading →

  • Coffee flour may become your new favourite gluten-free flour

    Move over almond, quinoa and coconut flour -- coffee flour, made from the fruit of the coffee plant, packs a nutritional punch that's hard to beat. Vancouver-based startup CF Global Holdings has discovered a way to turn a by-product of … Continue reading →

  • Teacher returns $11,000 found on road to teach son good values

    Sometimes money does quite literally fall from the sky. South Carolina teacher Sherry Whitesides was driving with her 12-year-old son Alan when a bank bag full of cash flew off the car in front of her. "I saw it hit … Continue reading →