Sheila Dharmarajan

  • Tall And Slender: The World's Skinniest Skyscraper

    Skyscrapers get taller and taller, but they're getting skinnier, too. Construction will soon begin on a Manhattan high-rise apartment building that will be the world's skinniest. The skyscraper planned to stand at 111 West 57th Street will be 60 feet wide and taller than the rooftop of the Empire State Building. "The Future Is Now" host Sheila Dharmarajan spoke with the planners, developers and architects to find out more about this skinny skyscraper, and about the trend to go skinny.

  • Flying Without Ever Leaving The Ground

    With thousands of commercial drones expected to fly in U.S. airspace within a few years, "The Future Is Now" visited the University of North Dakota to meet students who are majoring in unmanned aviation systems: flying drones.

  • "Facebook For Doctors" Connects Physicians and Saves Lives

    In remote Newberry, Michigan, doctors use a social network - a "Facebook for doctors" - to connect with other physicians, discuss their cases and get help with diagnoses. "The Future Is Now" visited the Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center to find out how the website, Sermo, helps these doctors with their patients.

  • Road Rage: Surprising Ways You Can Protect Your Family & Your Car

    After the New York City motorcycle road rage incident, San Antonio-based Texas Armoring made a video showing how their armoring services could have protected Alexian Lien and his family in their SUV. "The Future Is Now" host Sheila Dharmarajan visited Texas Armoring to see how their defensive measures are installed, how they work, and how they can turn your car or SUV into a fortress.

  • This Miracle Berry May Change The Way Food Tastes Forever

    Chef Homaro Cantu uses the Miracle Berry at his Chicago restaurant iNG, tricking the state buds of his patrons and making sour and bland foods taste sweet.

  • Self-Cleaning Clothes Invented By The Military Could Make Laundry A Thing Of The Past

    The U.S. Army is developing a coating for fabric that repels liquids, oil, dirt and odor. "The Future Is Now" host Sheila Dharmarajan got down in the dirt to test the treated clothing.