Shai Williamson

  • Canadian cops photographed meditating in a temple

    Peel Regional Officers took some time to practice the art of mindfulness meditation in a class led by deputy abbot Bhante Saranapala at West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre in Mississauga, reports the Huffington Post.

  • Childhood mystery solved: What’s inside an Etch A Sketch?

    A YouTube channel called ‘What’s Inside?’ is here to answer one of your most burning childhood questions: what’s really going on inside your Etch A Sketch? The educational channel, which went viral last week by showing people what’s inside of a rattlesnake’s rattle, is back to cut open a beloved childhood toy. Dan and Lincoln, the channel’s father and son duo, teamed up for a crossover video with Grant Thompson from ‘The King of Random.’ He begins by sawing off the edge of an Etch A Sketch to find aluminum powder inside.

  • 100-year-old celebrates birthday by skydiving from 10,000 feet

    Most of us picture people celebrating their 100th birthday by being surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of home, but that’s not what Verdun Hayes had in mind for his century celebration. Hayes’ daughter, Lin Tattersall told BBC that she was “secretly proud” of her dad, who she originally didn’t want to go through with it.

  • Student loses mark on otherwise perfect assignment for incorrect staple angle

    This is math class after all, and the reason the teacher took off a mark was because his staple was “not 45 degrees” on the paper. A question oft asked in math class is, “when am I going to use this in real life?” And in one fell swoop, this student’s teacher managed to answer that question: when you’re stapling things together.

  • Australian man charged for buckling up beer instead of children

    An Australian man is being charged for practicing car safety on his beer instead of the children. The 27-year-old was caught with several children in his car, either on the laps of adults or in footwells, while having multiple cartons of beer strapped down to the seats, reports

  • Watch as this deaf and blind boy experiences music for the first time

    In a heartwarming story reported on by WTHR, Elias Valentine-Wilson from Indiana feels the joy of music for the first time when a cello was put in his hands and felt the vibration of the strums. Look at that smile,” Crismore told WTHR.

  • Man escapes car dangling from cliff, is immediately hit by passing bus

    After losing control of his vehicle, a man nearly went over the side of a Malibu Canyon Road, the Lost Hills Police Department wrote on their Facebook page. As for the people on the bus, Deputy Kevin Moody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that luckily they don’t believe anyone else was injured, reports the Independent.

  • Two friends provide ‘laundry service on wheels’ for the homeless

    Two friends in Australia had the inventive idea to help their country’s homeless population by providing them with a laundry service on wheels. Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, both 21, came up with the inventive idea of packing washers and drying machines into the back of a van to provide a laundry service to homeless people in the city of Brisbane. The laundry service is named Orange Sky Laundry.

  • Think you’re ‘hot’? The U.S. State Department might not agree

    The State Department wants you to know if you’re not hot at home, you’re not going to be magically hot abroad. In a now deleted tweet, the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs wrote, “Not a ‘10’ in the US? After accused of being sexist, the State Department denied those claims, tweeting “we made no mention of gender.

  • Flight passenger becomes violent when told he can’t practice yoga on airplane

    When Hyongtae Pae was told to stay seated an hour and a half into the nearly nine hour flight from Honolulu to Tokyo, he didn’t take it too well. A judge ordered for him to be released on a $25,000 bond, but with certain restrictions: first, that he doesn’t leave the island of Oahu, and second, that he undergo a mental health evaluation.

  • Well that stinks: Man reported to police for leaving ‘revenge fart’ in woman’s apartment

    When a man in Sweden showed up to a woman’s apartment in the pursuit of sex and got denied, he chose to blow off some steam. Before exiting the apartment to presumably find someone who will take up his offer, he decided to let out a stinker.

  • Female baseball fan brilliantly shuts down sexist text from guy

    This woman had the perfect response for a man who thought that she couldn’t possibly be a sports fan… just because she’s a woman. When a man messaged her on a dating app, he remarked that he had never met a girl who likes baseball. Brown, who told Uproxx that it’s common to meet or date guys who test women to find out if they are “really” sports fans, fired back a witty response that both answered his silly question and told him she wasn’t interested.

  • Woman installs fridge in front restaurant for people to leave leftover food for the hungry

    After seeing so many hungry people rummaging through the garbage outside of her restaurant searching for a meal, Minu Pauline thought it was time to do something to help. There, she, a customer or even a passerby is able to leave their leftovers for homeless or hungry people to take whenever they need a meal, reports Upworthy. Pauline is asking people to not buy food for the fridge, but to rather donate what they would have otherwise thrown out.

  • Shhhh: Amusement park bans people from screaming on rollercoaster

    The Big Sheep amusement park is urging its park-goers to stay as quiet as possible while riding their newest ride titled “The Big One,” in order to not tick off the neighbours, reports the In an attempt to combat the noise pollution, the ride, that was opened less than a week ago, comes with a sign that reads: “This is a family ride – not a white knuckle thrill ride.

  • Sixth grader turns lemonade stand into million-dollar deal

    Running a lemonade stand is something most children do at one point in their lives, but this sixth grader turned it into a million dollar deal. At the tender age of 11, Mikaila Ulmer is already a social entrepreneur, bee ambassador, educator and a student.

  • Boy finds glasses in Cadbury Twirl Easter egg

    When 4-year-old Ollie Sehmi opened up his Twirl Easter egg, he and his family were pretty shocked to find a pair of glasses among his goodies, reports “Or you just put [the glasses] there to get attention on Facebook?” one user commented.

  • Touching photo of a cop helping an elderly woman find her way home

    At first she seemed confused at the sudden appearance of police officers, the department wrote on their Facebook group. After admitting to the group of sheriffs that she had lost her way, Officer Brandon Morrison told her “no problem,” gently took her hand and helped her get home. “He portrayed what a police officer is.

  • Four friends plan to run from Montreal to Washington, D.C. for cancer research

    Four friends, who met on their high school cross-country team, are trying to run all the way from Montreal to Washington, D.C., to raise money for The Terry Fox foundation. Aidan Yardley-Jones, Akshay Grover, Marc-André Blouin and Matthieu Blouin drew inspiration from the iconic Canadian, who ran the Marathon of Hope with an artificial leg.

  • Woman’s hilariously awful Photoshopped “trip” to China earns her actual trip to China

    [Seve Gat ‘visiting’ the Great Wall of China/Facebook/Seve Gat]

  • Beer and chip trucks collide, creating couch potato heaven all over highway

    This collision was a match made in couch potato heaven. The crash happened off of a Florida highway at 3:10 a.m. and left Frito-Lay and Busch beer everywhere in sight, reports NBC News. Busch beer, Frito Lay chips cover highway after trucks collide.