Shahirah Hamid

    Shahirah Hamid

  • Malaysia's first halal 'love camp' draws hundreds of romantic hopefuls

    More than 500 hopeful Muslims looking for love thronged a packed hall in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital, to take part in the nation’s first halal “love camp”. The one-day camp, dubbed “Kem Dapat Jodoh” (Find a Soulmate Camp), was organised by a local training and entrepreneur consultancy firm, NDA Training Consultancy, to help Muslims find their other half. The event sparked a nationwide frenzy after its promotional pamphlet went viral across various social media platforms.

  • Rather than avocado on toast, this 'cafe' in Malaysia serves makeup instead

    Looking for a fun-filled weekend activity? How about a short getaway to Kuala Lumpur to check out Malaysia’s first-ever makeup cafe, Pinkboxcereal. But, instead of munching on the hipster cafe staple of overpriced avocado on toast, Pinkboxcereal lets you try on all sorts of makeup and skincare products. For just RM25 (S$8), makeup addicts are allowed to play with the wide range of beauty products and experiment with different makeup styles for two hours. ...

  • How to use bike-sharing services without being a nuisance

    If you are walking or driving around the city or your neighbourhood, chances are, you may have encountered a row of brightly coloured bicycles parked neatly or sometimes haphazardly.

  • Malaysia’s own Nasi Lemak burger sold out within two hours of launch

    Weeks after the Nasi Lemak Burger was launched by McDonald’s Singapore, Malaysians finally got a taste of their very own rendition of the special item.

  • Cupcake fans form long queues as Singapore's Fluff Bakery opens in Malaysia

    After tempting Malaysians with its pop-up events, popular Singapore dessert shop Fluff Bakery officially launched its first overseas outlet in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday (29 July).

  • Malaysian designers ready to bring budget-friendly Hari Raya fashion to Singapore

    Heads up Singaporeans, Malaysian designers are bringing new Hari Raya fashion collections to our shores ahead of Hari Raya Puasa and they're making sure that prices won't burn a hole in your pocket. Hari Raya Puasa will be taking place for a month starting from the evening of 25 June.