Savings Experiment Staff

    Savings Experiment Staff

  • Gym membership alternatives

    Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to learn how you can still break a sweat without breaking the bank on a pricey gym membership!

  • Organizing your fridge to save

    Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to see how to organizing your fridge can reduce your food waste and save you money!

  • Never spend money on wrapping paper again

    Gift wrapping can be a pricey, so why not try repurposing things around the house instead? Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to see how!

  • Surprising holiday grocery sales you didn't know to look for

    There are some less-known holiday sales that can help you stock up and save in the kitchen! Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to find out!

  • Tips and tricks to save on makeup

    In this episode of The Savings Experiment, we’ll offer some tips and tricks to refresh and repurpose your makeup bag - so you don't have to buy new!

  • Save on gas during your holiday road trip

    Most travel during the holidays is done by car, so how do you drive farther without guzzling gas? Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to find out!

  • Unexpected uses for aluminum foil

    Aluminum foil is a household item that has about a million uses. We’ll highlight some amazing money-saving uses in this episode of The Saving's Experiment!

  • Deals Most People are Forgetting About on Cyber Monday and Black Friday

    There are all the same Black Friday sales, but there are also some surprising deals out there too! Watch this episode of Savings Experiment to find them!

  • Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table on the Cheap

    Holiday decor can really add up. Learn how you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving table by repurposing, with this episode of The Saving's Experiment!

  • Sanity (and Money!) Saving Tips for Holiday Travel

    Holiday travel can be stressful, but there are some tips to help you fly without losing your money or mind. Watch this Savings Experiment to find out!

  • Is Expensive Gym Wear Worth the Price?

    With sportswear you often end up paying extra for branding, not quality. Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to avoid overspending on active wear!

  • Super Saver Food: Greek Yogurt!

    Greek yogurt can be a healthy snack, but it's also surprisingly versatile! Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to see how you can use it to save!

  • Easy Car Maintenance Tasks That Will Save You on Gas

    Skipping basic car maintenance could be costing you gas. In this Savings Experiment we’ll tell you how a few tasks will keep that gas money in your pocket.

  • Don't Wait for Black Friday for These October Deals

    While most people wait for Black Friday, there are still great sales this month. Watch this episode of The Savings Experiment to steal these deals!

  • Quick Fix Home Repairs You Can (Really!) Do Yourself

    In this Savings Experiment episode, we’ll cover common home repairs you can do yourself. Each is cheap and easy, while increasing the value of your home!

  • Maximize the resale value of your car

    Did you know... There are some easy things you can do to get more money for your used car, with a little less stress! First, spruce up your vehicle - and not just the interior. A good wash on the outside and a thorough detailing on the inside

  • One Quick Call Can Save You Hundreds

    Believe it or not, sometimes saving money on your cable, cell phone or car insurance bill can be as easy as picking up the phone. But once you call, you'll need to know how to negotiate to cash in! Let's start with your cable and

  • Brilliant Ways to Reuse Dryer Sheets

    A lot of us use dryer sheets in our laundry...and a lot of us just toss them in the trash afterward. But, once you see all the nifty ways you can use these things - and save money to boot - you'll look at them in a whole new way. First,

  • Make Your Own Salad Dressings to Save

    Did you know... Making your own salad dressing can also save you up to 70% off buying at the store? And it's easy too! For a classic vinaigrette, start with one part ​vinegar (or citrus juice) to three parts ​oil. Sprinkle in a little

  • The Real Deal: Batch Cooking for Busy Homes

    Meet Samantha and Eric! These New Yorkers are looking to save big. Their long-term spending goal is to save up for a 10% down payment for their first home. These newlyweds both work in the food service industry, working long hours with long