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    Sara Spary

    Reporter, HuffPost UK

  • Nasa Opens International Space Station to Tourists – And No, This Is Not A Drill

    A trip to space might sound stranger than fiction, a vision of the far future – but it will become reality for some lucky adventurous types as soon as next year. NASA, the US space agency, has announced that from 2020, it is opening its orbiting space station up to new “commercial opportunities” and even tourism. “Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before,” chief financial officer Jeff DeWit said, the broadcaster reported.

  • Nearly 200 British Thrill-Seekers Set New World Record By Riding Blackpool Rollercoaster Naked

    It’s not every day you get to ride a rollercoaster naked, but that’s what 195 thrill-seekers did on the weekend. The group rode the famous Grand National rollercoaster at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach to smash a new world record. The event was organised by the UK’s national naturist organisation, British Naturism, on the organisation’s annual weekend in Blackpool.

  • Plastic Microfibres Found In Poop of Seals Living On Remote Chilean Island

    Scientists have found plastic microfibres in the faeces of fur seals living in a colony on a remote island northwest Chile. The scientists, Diego Joaquín Perez-Venegas and Galbán-Malagón from Andrés Bello National University, told the website Live Science they scooped up faeces from the seals and investigated the samples in a lab to spot microplastics so tiny they are invisible to the naked eye. The plastic is thought to have come from synthetic fabrics, abandoned fishing nets, and the breakdown of other everyday items such as plastic bags.

  • O que realmente acontece quando você toma bebidas alcoólicas num voo

    Pode não ser motivo de honra, mas nós britânicos somos conhecidos pelas bebedeiras nas despedidas de solteiro e solteira – e também nos finais de semana e nas viagens de férias. Quase dois terços dos britânicos já viram passageiros bêbados ou causando confusão em aeroportos e voos, aponta um novo estudo realizado pelo Instituto de Estudos sobre o Álcool e a Aliança Europeia do Álcool.

  • Atenção: Dieta com pouco carboidrato e alto teor de proteínas pode reduzir expectativa de vida

    Se você está cortando carboidratos e substituindo por carnes e queijos, pode estar fazendo mais mal do que bem à sua saúde. Segundo um novo estudo, de 25 anos, feito com 15 mil pessoas, comer proteínas animais, como carne, cordeiro, porco, frango e queijo no lugar de carboidratos está ligado a um risco ligeiramente maior de morte.

  • Turquoise-Coloured Chardonnay Anyone? Blue Wine Is Being Shipped From Spain

    Restaurants, beach bars, holidaymakers and local residents have drunk their way through the first 2,000-bottle consignment of the turquoise-coloured beverage called Vindigo. The wine is filtered through a pulp of red grape skins which contain a natural pigment, anthocyanin, and gives the wine its electric blue colour.

  • Square Sausage Ice Cream Exists And We're Not Sure Where To Look

    Cheesecake and chocolate brownies are a staple on most restaurant dessert menus, but one upmarket hotel in Edinburgh has ripped up the rule book to create a square sausage ice cream. Dairy firm Glen Urr has joined forces with Apex Hotels to reinvent the Scottish breakfast favourite, and will sell the icy sausage snack on Sunday at the chain’s Grassmarket hotel in Edinburgh to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. A bit like Scotland’s answer to American bacon and pancakes, the square sausage ice cream will be served inside a brioche bun with toffee drizzle, giving the impression it is covered in brown sauce.

  • Morrisons Is Giving Out Coupons In Return For Plastic Bottles And Cans As Part Of A Trial

    Morrisons is trialling vending machines for the return of single-use plastic bottles and cans at two stores in a bid to reduce plastic waste. Customers can deposit a maximum of 20 bottles or cans a day to be recycled and get Morrisons More points and coupons in return. Alternatively, customers can choose to donate 10p to the supermarket’s charity partner, CLIC Sargent - a cancer charity for children and young people.

  • How Sugary Is Your Breakfast Cereal? (Probably More Than You Think)

    Some of your favourite breakfast cereals could be loaded with over 40 grams of sugar, a new survey has revealed. It found that cereals, porridges and granolas can contain more than three-quarters of the recommended daily amount of free sugars in a portion. It has called for ‘traffic light’ labelling – which shows the levels of fat, sugar and salt in green, amber, and red to be made mandatory to help consumers.