Samantha Simmonds

  • 10 fun ways to spend your lunch break in London

    What did you do on your lunch break today? If so, you’re not necessarily doing your creativity or productivity (not to mention your digestion) any favours – and you’re not alone. Only 17% of Brits take a full hour for lunch, with a third of us eating at our desks and 40% picking up work calls or emails. According to experts, staying in the same environment inside all day inhibits creativity.

  • Feeling blue? How to survive this seemingly everlasting winter

    Although Blue Monday is long gone, a lot of us are still feeling a bit blue this winter. To cheer right back up again, why not forget that restrictive ‘new year new you diet’ and that ‘quitting social media for good!’ resolution. Instead, use these science-backed life hacks to favour cookie cramming, bubbly glugging and early morning workout avoiding for lazy lie-ins and Snapchat. Moderation is key, but it beats the alternative, right?