Rachel Tepper, Yahoo Staff

    Rachel Tepper, Yahoo Staff

  • Ditch the Prozac, take up crafting?

    Quilting helped save TK Harrison. She even built a business around it: QuiltTherapy.com.

  • 10 Quintessentially American Fashion Archetypes

    America’s reputation as an everchanging melting pot gives it fashion freedom—and powers—that other, older nations may never experience.

  • The Right to Refuse Ketchup

    "Chef reserves the right to refuse service of ketchup," declares the menu at Mad Fresh, an American bistro in the palm tree–dotted city of Fort Myers, Florida.

  • 5 Tweaks for Better Hair

    Last week, Oscar Blandi told me that fried food is just as bad for your hair as it is for your butt—and I thought I knew a lot about beauty.

  • How to Pair Beer with Oysters

    When sitting down to plate teeming with ice and freshly shucked oysters, plenty of people might reach for a glass of crisp, clean white wine.

  • Jerry Seinfeld Explains Why Salsa Is More Popular than Ketchup

    In 1992, actor Jason Alexander—in character as George Costanza on the sitcom “Seinfeld”—alerted us to the fact that salsa had overtaken ketchup as the number one condiment in America.

  • What's the Deal with... Panisses

    Earlier this month, restaurant critic Gael Greene noshed on a plate of them, festooned with vibrant edible flowers, at Betony in New York City. Not long after, New York Times critic Pete Wells commended those at Grindhaus in Brooklyn as “good enough to go with any dish they wanted.” And you’ll find them on menus from the United Kingdom (at the French Table in Surrey) to the Midwest (at Sidney Street Cafe in St. Louis, Missouri).

  • The Most Common Restaurant Complaints

    Are you the type of person who speaks up at a restaurant? One who flags down a waiter to complain about a water glass in desperate need of re-filling, or a steak served cold?

  • Are These the Most Expensive Grapes in the World?

    How much money would you shell out for an exquisite bunch of grapes? Five dollars? $10? Try $5,400—that’s what a wedding hall operator in Japan plunked down at an auction on Saturday.

  • Is Yak Meat the New Protein?

    Although Anshu Pathak has raised and sold yak meat through his Perris, California company, Exotic Meat Market, since 1989, business has been on the upswing lately.

  • Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

    Each bite into a ruby-hued slice of watermelon produces a sluice of sweet juice, all over your hands and arms. Sometimes you probably slurp the sticky stuff right off of you instead of going for a napkin.

  • The New Condiments

    Spirulina, chia seeds, hemp powder—until recently those were things you found at crunchy health stores, or in murky-looking smoothies consumed by serious fitness buffs. Now they’re everywhere—in your muffin, on your salad.

  • How to Spot a Zero-Star Restaurant (Without a Review)

    Chances are, you’ve dined at a subpar restaurant before. Perhaps you were even moved to write a negative Yelp review.

  • World's First Perfume-and-Cocktail Bar Hits Berlin

    All photos credit: The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin What if, before ordering a cocktail, you could smell it? Scent hugely impacts how a person perceives flavor, so liking a drink’s aroma is a good indication that you’ll enjoy the libation itself—and won’t be wasting precious bucks on a cocktail you can’t stand.

  • Mint Pesto

    Pesto is not just for basil.

  • Need a Job? Put Your Resume On Your Beer, Like This Guy

    As you probably know, it’s a rough job market out there. That’s why one out-of-work graphic designer opted for a less-than-traditional resumé to help him stand out from the pack: Resum-ale, a resumé printed on a four-pack of home-brewed beer.

  • What's the Deal with...Soft-Shell Lobster

    You know that thing? That thing that’s everywhere, and it sounds like something you should already know about, so you don’t really want to ask? Well, we know about it, and we’ll give you the intel. Welcome to What’s the Deal with.

  • Rice-Based Chopsticks More Stylish Than Original (and Eco-Friendly, Too?)

    Think about how many times you’ve chucked a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks in the trash. Now multiply that 80 billion times.

  • The Best Detox-y Broccoli Dishes

    It seems each day brings another scientific study telling you to eat this, not that—and the reverse three days later—but a new study published in the journal “Cancer Prevention Research” has officially caught our attention.

  • An All-Vegetarian Menu for Summer

    Don't get us wrong—we'll salivate over a good, hearty steak—butAmericans can all afford to eat a few more veggies.