Rachael Anne Hill

    Rachael Anne Hill

  • 10 health benefits of curry

    Nutritionist and curry lover Rachael Anne Hill explains how the much maligned curry can actually be good for your health.

  • Top five immune boosting recipes for Winter

    The winter cold and flu season is officially upon us, so now is the time to make sure your diet is rich in vitamin-packed foods to stave off any nasty bugs.

  • The Bitter Sweet Facts About The Salt In Your Diet

    Winter's nearly here and with it comes roast dinners, warming soups and cosy nights in with a takeaway in front of the fire.  But be warned, all can have alarmingly high salt levels.  Here, Yahoo! Lifestyle nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill offers some top tips on how much salt is really in your food and how [...]

  • Kitchen Appliances No Slimmer Should Ever Be Without

    Y! Lifestyle's nutrition expert Rachael Anne Hill identifies three kitchen appliances that will make your slimming efforts a whole lot easier An Air Fryer Using nothing but super hot air and a grill an airfryer allows you to 'fry' a variety of delicious food with just a fraction of the fat so you can safely [...]

  • Low Calorie or Low Carb Diets?

    What's the best way to shift the pounds?  Yahoo nutritionist, Rachael Anne Hill explains ….. First there were only low calorie diets in the war against weight gain.  Then, Atkins and other low carb diets gained popularity and we were taught that we needed to shelve bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals, rice and even fruit if [...]

  • Is Healthy Eating Making You Fat?

    Just because a food is healthy doesn't mean it will help you lose weight.  That's because many healthy foods are also quite high in calories — and if it's weight loss your after it's the calories that count.  Here, Y! Lifestyle nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill guides you through some of those healthy foods that can [...]

  • Should You ‘Tweet What You Eat’ To Get Slim?

    Nigella Lawson, Matt Lucas and Stephen Fry might all be avid fans but is tweeting what you eat a friend or foe in the war against weight gain? Tweet what you eat (or TWYE as it is commonly known) is a Twitter based food diary that lets you broadcast everything you eat to your followers.  [...]

  • Why water is your secret weight loss weapon

    Who would have thought that a few simple glasses of H2O a day can be the difference between finally getting into that old pair of favourite jeans - or not. Well they can and Y! Lifestyle nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill, explains seven reasons why.

  • Get a flatter stomach in 24 hours

    Follow the Slim Down's bloat beating top tips for a flatter stomach over night.....

  • Excuse Busters! Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted!

    Stop talking yourself into a bigger dress or jeans size and banish those excuses for good!  There's absolutely no reason why you can't slim down and shape up if you really want to.  Y! Lifestyle nutritionist, Rachael Anne Hill dispels four common excuses for good! 1.  I can never be thin, I love food too [...]

  • Eat yourself better

    The grim summer means there's a good chance you're experiencing an unseasonal bout of illness. But the weather needn't rule your health — or your mood. Y! Lifestyle's nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill looks at what to cut out and what to add in to your diet to improve some common ailments … PMS Cut Out: [...]

  • Lose half a stone in four weeks by eating more

    Just because it doesn't look like much on your plate, don't be fooled into believing its low in calories too. The truth is gram for gram, fat packs in more than double the calories of protein or carbohydrate so an innocent looking little croissant can actually contain more calories than six slices of wholegrain toast. [...]

  • Performance-enhancing diet tips

    Five tiny breakfast changes that will make a huge difference to your day If watching all these Olympic athletes performing at the top of their game has made you want to perform a little better throughout your day, read on.  Here are five simple breakfast changes that will help you feel alert, energised and raring [...]

  • Three minute morning meals that will help you lose weight all day long

    Time after time, studies show that people who eat breakfast are routinely slimmer than those who don't.  One of the reasons for this is because 'breaking the fast' of the night before with a healthy, high fibre, slow releasing meal really helps to avoid over eating throughout the rest of the day. So, here are [...]

  • How to eat cakes, ice-cream and drink lattes and still lose weight

    You've heard of that phrase, watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves?  Well the same can also be said for calories so next time you are thinking about tucking into a biscuit, cake or curry take a second to see if there's something similar but more figure friendly instead?  Here are [...]

  • Top five foods every slimmer should have in their cupboards

    1. Balsamic vinegar Why? - Two tablespoons of salad dressing contain approximately 150 calories.  Two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar contain less than 10 calories and yet your salad will taste every bit as good. How? - When you're not drizzling it on your salads add it to your pastas.  A splash of balsamic vinegar, a [...]

  • The healthy superfoods you should be eating

    Yahoo! Nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill identifies four nutrient packed, super healthy foods that we should be eating but are often forgotten about. Quinoa Although commonly referred to as a grain, Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) is actually a seed.  Available from most good health stores (and supermarkets) it can be cooked and eaten in much the same [...]

  • Top tips for home-made lunches – save money and shed pounds

    Yahoo nutritional expert Rachael Anne Hill reveals her top tips for home-made lunches that will do wonders for your wallet and your waistline. Photo: © Rex According to a brand new survey of over 2000 adults carried out by Philips, the average Brit spends almost £900 a year on lunchtime sandwiches, wraps, crisps, chocolate bars [...]

  • Six hidden causes of overeating

    So we all know that there's no mystery to weight gain and that if we eat more calories than we need we'll get fatter — it's simple science.  The art, however, lies in knowing what causes us to over eat in the first place  and doing something about them.  Of course, there are a great [...]

  • Facts every woman over 40 should know about fat loss

    Did you know the average woman gains between 12 and 15 pounds between the ages of forty and fifty five? Here nutritionist and weight management specialist, Rachael Anne Hill explains why and reveals how to side-step age-related weight gain. 40+ fat loss fact: You store fat more easily As your ovaries produce less estrogen, your [...]