Pubali Neogy

    Pubali Neogy

  • Is India ready for expensive, imported electric vehicles?

    Tesla, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche and Volvo are all set to test the waters in India with their high-end EV models. Will they be able to woo the cost-conscious buyers here?

  • Budget 2021: How can it get the economy back on its feet

    Ignoring fiscal discipline, budget 2021 will likely funnel large amounts into various sectors to revive growth.

  • YIR 2020: Top 10 business stories of the year

    Nothing had prepared us for 2020 – a year that saw our lives upended all because of an invisible, deadly virus. After the initial shock and collective quarantine, we rallied together and embraced a new normal. Vaccines developed at a breakneck speed are already being rolled out, but the virus continues to spring surprises on us every now and then. The unique challenge presented by it also means the economic and business landscape have seen dramatic shifts.As we are about to close this year, and welcome another – albeit with trepidation, here’s a quick round up the top 10 business and economic news that made headlines this year.

  • The Queen’s Gambit: A masterpiece in every sense of the word!

    Set in the 1960s, the Queen’s Gambit is about a fictional teenaged female chess prodigy called Elizabeth Harmon. It bucks every cliché to offer a mindblowing drama.

  • Are Indian smartphone makers poised for comeback?

    Having shied away from launches for a while because of the fierce competition from Chinese brands, Indian smartphone makers now seem keen on clawing back market share.

  • Can multiplexes recover lost ground in a post-pandemic world?

    COVID-19 is not the only worry dogging multiplexes in India. Well before the onslaught of the deadly virus, proliferating streaming platforms, high speed broadband and smart TVs were already challenging the multiplex experience.

  • COVID-19: Job hunting in the post COVID world

    Shifts in patterns are already visible. Companies are doubling down on digitization, automation and artificial intelligence; the software industry is seriously mulling over letting its employees work from home permanently.

  • No country for women. Dalit women, in particular

    Because of their gender and caste, the Dalit women have been the hardest hit.

  • What's in a warming Arctic?

    Under the melting polar ice cap lies around a quarter of the world’s oil, 30 percent of the natural gas and trillion dollar-worth of rare earth minerals.

  • Study at Harvard, Stanford and other top universities of the world for free!

    Considered as exclusive bastions of brilliant minds with outstanding academic records, these universities have built quite a reputation for themselves. Needless to add, their graduate, undergraduate and other programmes cost a small fortune. Most compete for scholarships or go for student loans to get their degrees from these prestigious institutes.But did you know, lesser mortals like us too can hope to get a taste of the courses offered by these revered higher education institutes. That too for free!Just flip through our slides to find out how.

  • COVID 19: Saving capitalism in lockdown

    Now more than ever, it’s time to save capitalism. But hitting the reset button requires gigantic efforts with people’s lives at stake

  • Technology as a geopolitical weapon – how powerful can it be?

    The tech Cold War between the US and China has almost split the world into two camps – pro-Huawei and anti-Huawei.

  • JioMeet: Can it overtake Zoom in India?

    Zoom has a brand-new challenger called JioMeet, and by the looks of things, the latter could very well change the narrative.

  • Food waste: The real reason why millions are malnourished

    From farm to fork, massive quantities of food gets wasted. This is said to be the real reason behind food shortage.

  • Watch these on streaming platforms to beat the boredom

    With COVID 19 showing no signs of letting up, one thing is certain – we’re pretty much going to remain locked indoors for the rest of the year. This also means, streaming platforms are ever more important in our lives as it’s the only source of entertainment we’re left with. So why not make the most of it?Well, to help you with it, here’s a list of latest shows, series and movies streaming on various platforms that you absolutely cannot afford to miss:

  • COVID-19: Who's to be blamed for it?

    Most policymakers across the world downplayed the risk from Covid 19 initially and squandered time till it was too late

  • Coronavirus: Lives vs livelihoods

    Authorities and people everywhere are in a quandary as they are now forced to choose between lives and livelihoods because of the novel coronavirus

  • Coronavirus: How far are we from a cure?

    Doctors and scientists scrambling to find a miracle cure for the novel coronavirus, are trying everything - from existing drugs to molecules build from scratches

  • Coronavirus: How long can economies survive on stimulus packages?

    Massive stimulus packages meant to prevent factories from closing permanently and the millions of jobless from perishing will have economic ramifications in the long run, say experts.

  • Coronavirus: How it's impacting IPOs

    Coronavirus has impacted both primary and secondary markets. As a result, we are seeing a growing number of companies putting their IPO plans on hold