Patricia Mah


    Patricia Mah is an editor for Yahoo News.

  • Ransomware attacks: How should the U.S. respond?

    Ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting companies’ computer systems, demanding money in exchange for returning access and data. How should the U.S. respond?

  • Should felons in prison have voting rights?

    Bernie Sanders made provocative comments about voting rights during a recent town hall, saying he thought felons — even those still imprisoned — should be granted the right to vote in elections. Here's where things stand.

  • Should the U.S. send migrants to 'sanctuary cities'?

    In response, President Trump says he is considering a plan to transport detained immigrants to “sanctuary cities” (many of which are in the home states of Democratic politicians who have opposed his requested border wall funding) and release them there as retaliation against his political opponents. Why it’s sparking debate: The phrase “sanctuary cities” refers to communities with policies that allow local officials to limit their agencies’ compliance in enforcing federal immigration laws that could force deportation. Some of these cities, which often lean Democratic, are engaged in legal battles over their “sanctuary” status.

  • Should parents ask for kids' consent to share photos?

    Children raised in the age of social media are coming of age and realizing that their parents have been sharing countless funny or awkward photos and embarrassing stories of them for years to a public audience. Should parents get their kids' consent before posting about them on social media?

  • Measles outbreak: A state of emergency?

    With measles cases on the rise, a county in New York has taken an “extremely unusual” step to stem the outbreak by stating anyone under 18 and not vaccinated would be banned from public places. Are city officials going too far?

  • Why are men and women still not paid equally?

    While there’s been progress in closing the pay gap in the form of new policies by companies and state laws regarding salary questions, workplace inequities like promotion disparities, sexual harassment and implicit bias persist. What happens next?

  • Affordable Care Act: Should it be dismantled?

    What’s happening?: The Trump administration has doubled down on its position against the Affordable Care Act, the signature law of Barack Obama’s presidency, saying the entire statute (not just parts of it, as it previously stated) should be repealed. In an appeals court filing, the Justice Department sided with a recent ruling by a federal judge in Texas that found that the Affordable Care Act violates the U.S. Constitution. Why it’s sparking debate: Democrats are outraged and charge that the move would strip millions of Americans of access to affordable health care.

  • The fallout to Trump’s attacks on McCain

    Sen. John McCain died more than seven months ago, but President Trump seems intent on keeping the pair’s long, caustic feud alive, and has railed against the late war hero repeatedly in recent public remarks. Here's where the debate stands.

  • Would universal basic income help or hurt Americans?

    Universal basic income is an income model that proposes a specific amount of government funding be provided to citizens — regardless of their income or employment status — and would not impose restrictions on how the money is spent. Supporters see it as a solution to poverty. Critics say the program amounts to socialism and would create a "welfare state."

  • Electoral College: Keep, ditch or overhaul?

    Several Democratic presidential candidates have questioned whether the Electoral College is still necessary. Here's where things stand on the debate.

  • College cheating scandal: Can system be fixed?

    Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among the dozens of prominent figures charged in a widespread cheating scam to get their children into elite universities. What happens next?

  • Should the death penalty be outlawed?

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that grants reprieves to 737 inmates on the state's death row. Here's where things stand.

  • 'Leaving Neverland' and Michael Jackson's legacy

    New HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland" features two former child actors, now adults, who allege Michael Jackson sexually abused when they were kids. What happens next?

  • Should women be required to register for the draft?

    Recent legal challenges are increasing pressure on Congress to decide if the draft should apply equally to men and women and whether the requirement to register with Selective Service should even exist at all. Here's where things stand.

  • Robert Kraft and the debate over sex trafficking

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution after authorities conducted a human trafficking sting at a Florida day spa last week. Here's where things stand.

  • The debate over transgender athletes

    Transgender athletes are breaking barriers at all levels of competitive sports, but their participation and wins are stirring controversy and resentment among those who believe they aren't competing on equal playing fields.

  • Should 'ISIS brides' be allowed to return home?

    Two young women -- Hoda Muthana from the U.S. and Shamima Begum from Britain -- have ignited a debate about youths who left their countries to join the Islamic State but now want to come home. Here's where things stand.