Noel Hulsman

    Noel Hulsman is the Head of Media for Yahoo Canada, responsible for overseeing the Finance, Sports, News and Style properties. He also hosts Yahoo Finance's podcast on entrepreneurs and innovation, "Open Concept."

  • NKPR's Natasha Koifman on the risks of influencer culture

    At a time when social media seems to have hit peak saturation, Natasha Koifman argues for pursuing a smarter path. The Toronto-based president of NKPR definitely believes in the sway of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, though sees little gain in the current practice of cultivating ‘influencers’ with as many followers as possible.

  • Out of the shadows: Montreal porn exec Bella French is changing the industry from within

    Bella French took an unconventional approach to entrepreneurship, but she now runs ManyVids, a cam service with more than two million subscribers.

  • The Montreal billionaire bringing cycling to the Mid East

    Sylvan Adams, Honorary President of Giro d’Italia’s “Big Start” Israel, speaks during the unveiling of Israel’s first Velodrome in Tel Aviv, Israel May 1, 2018. Sylvan Adams is double-booked and juggling three conversations. At US$34.8-million it was the most expensive home in Israel when he bought it in 2014.

  • Montreal tourism campaign aims for the rooftops

    Heading into Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration last year, the city’s tourism team had a challenge on its hands. A blow-out marketing blitz was warranted, but what should be the theme?  ‘We’re older than Toronto and way more fun than Ottawa’ would surely be true though arguably not the most gracious or persuasive angle. Similarly limiting, says Francois Poulin, Tourisme Montreal’s Director of Communications and Interactive Media, is absence of landmarks on the scale of as a Paris or London.

  • Israel's burgeoning cycle scene looks to break away from the pack

    Israel's is looking to establish itself as a must-visit destination in the global cycling scene.

  • American promised land: Heaven and earth in Salt Lake City

    Driving the short distance into Salt Lake City from the airport a visitor is treated to a truly sumptuous tableau. Straight ahead, sticking out among the office blocks, are the six glistening spires of the Salt Lake Temple, signifying to all that something holy is happening here. Slightly to the side is the massive granite dome of the Utah State Capitol building.

  • There's so much more to Montreal than smoked meat and hockey (but those are pretty good too)

    The mission was clear. Not simple or straightforward exactly, though still clear: Persuade my daughter to choose McGill when picking where to go to university next year.

  • Moab: Utah's magical town in the sun

    It’s why Moab has such outsized fame and popularity for a town of 5,000 in the middle of nowhere. It’s a legendary spot for mountain-bikers and hikers, yet it’s only once you arrive that you realize why it’s so beloved by their sort, and more importantly, why you don’t necessarily need to do either to adore the place. One thing you must do is see Arches National Park.

  • Jamaican Escape: Twenty-six miles of reggae (and a whole lot more beach)

    Jamaica is the land of Bob Marley, Montego Bay, beaches, rum and seemingly endless sunshine. There’s no shortage of things to do here, or maybe even more appealing, not do. If you wanted nothing more than to stretch out in the sand and spend a week sipping mojitos to a reggae soundtrack, you could have the most blissed-out time of your life.

  • Essential Jerusalem: Six must-see stops in the Holy City

    If you have the good fortune to be in Jerusalem, with some time to spare, you’ll surely visit the Old City. And once there, you’ll undoubtedly wind your way down to the Western Wall, where in a single glance you can see the holiest site in Judaism, as well as one of most sacred shrines in Islam, the golden Dome of the Rock.

  • From the sea to the sky (and back): Going to the limit in Eilat

    In Israel, the saying goes that you pray in Jerusalem, party in Tel Aviv and study in Haifa. Left unmentioned is Eilat, which is strange because if there was ever a place that epitomized this stunning yet precariously placed land, it’s this tiny seaside resort. Eilat is the last stop in Israel, the most southern point on the map.

  • Playing the lottery: A waste of your money

    It's been called "the idiot's tax" but Canadians continue to buy lottery tickets hoping to beat the odds and strike it rich. For those that can afford it it's no big deal, but as Investopedia points out, for those with … <a href="">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>