Nicole Duignan

    Nicole Duignan

  • More good news for Netflix (and bad news for the TV networks)

    A new report from Nielsen shows that traditional live television viewership is down slightly over the third quarter (4%), but online streaming viewership has jumped 60%. This means Americans are watching an average of 11 hours of streaming video each month while just one year ago online video consumption averaged about seven hours monthly.

  • Fed says 'no inflation' but middle class reality says otherwise

    The Wall Street Journal analyzed consumer-spending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2007 and 2013, finding while incomes have remained flat, the cost of essentials such as housing and healthcare have increased. This translates to a 12% increase in inflation for middle-income households over this five-year period--a stark contrast to the Federal Reserve’s claims of low inflation.

  • Joel Klein: 3 steps to better public education

    Joel Klein, the former New York City Schools Chancellor, sat down with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task to discuss his new book “Lessons of Hope: How to Fix our Schools” and his views on the most effective approaches to remedying some of the toughest challenges facing educators around the country.

  • Joel Klein: Education key to ending income inequality

    Joel Klein, a leading voice in the national conversation on education reform says it’s impossible to close the income gap without addressing shortcomings in our public education system. Klein sat down with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task to discuss his thoughts on how to confront the challenges faced in public schools across the United States, which he also outlines in his newly-published memoir “Lessons of Hope: How to Fix Our Schools.”

  • Japan's 'surprise' recession: what it means for the global economy

    Japan’s economy is now in a recession; the nation’s GDP fell 1.6% this past quarter, coming as a surprise to many economists who anticipated an expansion of 2% or more. Japan's economy is the world's third largest.

  • Erin Brockovich's latest mission: helping Wounded Warriors

    In advance of this Veterans Day, Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief had the chance to speak to advocate Erin Brockovich about the plight of the men and women who have served our country in our Armed Forces. This issue is one close to Brockovich’s heart; her son, daughter and son-in-law have all served in the United States Military.

  • Good enough for an Emmy, but not The Container Store

    Deborah Copaken has an impressive resume. She’s is a bestselling author, and Emmy Award winning television producer, a former war zone photojournalist and a graduate of Harvard University. Last year however, she found herself in a situation that would unsettle just about anyone. Her marriage was ending, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she lost her job-- along with her health insurance. He COBRA benefits were terminated and she had to wait until the next enrollment period to apply for Obamacare. She needed an MRI to check the status of her cancer. Her bank account was empty. She needed a job.

  • Erin Brockovich: Why I'm voting 'yes' on CA Prop. 46

    Voters in California will be faced with an important ballot initiative this election day: Proposition 46. Passage of the measure would do three things—raise the cap on medical malpractice payouts for pain and suffering, require mandatory drug and alcohol testing for doctors in hospitals and create a state database to track prescriptions for painkillers.

  • Three things parents must learn from kids about tech

    Anyone who has watched a kid use a computer, smartphone or other mobile device has likely marveled at how natural it seems for them, almost second-nature. “This is the first generation to grow up digital,” says author and economist Don Tapscott.

  • Lowe's replacing (some) humans with robots

    Next month, a San Jose Lowe's will introduce robotic shopping assistants, or OSHbots--the first of their kind in the country. They will greet customers, ask if they need help and show them through the store to the customer's desired product. The robot will also feature screens on its front and back, which will display ads for products as well as allowing customers the option to videoconference with an in-store sales associate.

  • Ebola.com domain name sold for $200K

    The co-owner of Blue String Ventures, a Las Vegas based company tells Yahoo Finance his company sold the domain name Ebola.com for $200,000 to a marijuana company called Weed Growth Fund.

  • Why Donald Trump hates Vicky Ward’s new book

    New York Times best-selling author and former Vanity Fair contributing editor Vicky Ward documents the key players and behind-the-scenes deals throughout the history of one of the world’s most expensive office buildings.