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    Nick Summers is a senior reporter, editor and photographer at Engadget. He studied multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University and holds an NCTJ certificate. Nick previously worked at The Next Web and FE Week, an education-focused newspaper in the UK.

  • 'Apex Legends' comes to Nintendo Switch on March 9th

    'Apex Legends' for Nintendo Switch will launch on March 9th.

  • 'FIFA 21' comes to Google Stadia on March 17th

    EA is bringing more than one football game to Stadia. Today, the publisher announced that FIFA 21, the latest entry in ‘the beautiful game’ franchise, will available to stream from March 17th. It will join Madden NFL 21, a very different kind of football game, which was added to the service on January 28th.

  • The Nintendo Switch just had its best quarter yet

    The extra units mean the Switch has now surpassed the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS family, which currently stand at 75.94 million units. If the Switch has a normal spring quarter — selling at least 2.5 million consoles — it will pass the Game Boy Advance, which managed 81.51 million sales. After that, the Switch only has three pieces of Nintendo hardware to overcome: the Wii, Game Boy and DS family.

  • Disney releases interactive short 'Baymax Dreams' on GeForce Now

    Sundance Film Festival isn’t happening this year — not in person, anyway — so creators are finding new ways to showcase their creations. The folks at Disney, for instance, are offering an interactive short through NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, a streaming service that’s usually focused on blockbuster games. Any user can search for Baymax Dreams of Fred’s Glitch and experience the charming but all-too-brief adventure, which focuses on the cast from Big Hero 6.

  • The smartphone market is growing again

    IDC (International Data Corporation) has announced that handset shipments reached 385.9 million in the final quarter of 2020, up 16 million year-over-year. Apple took pole position with 90.1 million smartphone shipments throughout the quarter. Samsung ranked second, with 73.9 million shipments and 19.1 percent market share, followed by Xiaomi and Oppo with 43.3 million and 33.8 million respectively.

  • 'Serial' season three is being turned into a HBO series

    The third season of Serial is being turned into a TV series.

  • Lime begins trialing shared electric mopeds

    It will also support the company’s ambition to become a transportation platform.

  • Tweetbot 6 arrives for iPhone and iPad with a subscription model

    It also clarified that Tweetbot 5 owners can use Tweetbot 6 for a year without paying the subscription.

  • Verizon's latest prepaid service offers mmWave 5G for $75 per month

    You can now access Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband service with a prepaid plan. The company has launched Verizon Prepaid Unlimited, a $75 per month option that includes access to its mmWave network. If you need a refresher, Verizon effectively offers two forms of 5G — basic 5G Nationwide, which is only slightly faster than 4G/LTE, and mmWave, which is harder to find but offers dramatically higher speeds.

  • Twitter jumps into newsletters with Revue acquisition

    Twitter wants a piece of the fast-growing newsletter industry. Today, the company announced that it’s acquired Revue for an undisclosed sum. In a blog post, Twitter argued that newsletters were a natural expansion of its platform.

  • Europe created more energy from renewables than fossil fuels last year

    Europe is slowly reducing its dependancy on fossil fuels. A report co-published by Ember and Agora Energiewende, two think tanks focused on clean energy, has revealed that the continent generated more electricity from renewables than fossil fuels in 2020.

  • Grimes and Endel bring their AI-powered sleep sounds to Android

    Last October, Endel announced that it had partnered with Grimes for a special ‘soundscape’ inside its music app, which is meant to help you focus, relax or fall asleep. The collaboration was called AI Lullaby and, as you might have guessed from the name, combined artificial intelligence with Grimes’ original music and vocals. The slumber sounds have now disappeared for iPhone users and, as promised, hopped over to Endel’s Android application.

  • Google unions around the world form Alpha Global alliance

    Various Alphabet unions have joined forces and created a global alliance called Alpha Global. It was created with some help from UNI Global, a federation of unions that represents 20 million workers from a variety of fields including the technology industry. According to The Verge, 13 different unions are part of Alpha Global, spanning 10 different countries including the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

  • Bloodhound needs another new owner to break the land speed record

    The team behind Bloodhound, a British car designed to beat the the world land speed record, is looking for a new benefactor. The current owner, Ian Warhurst, saved the project from financial ruin in December 2018. In a press release, the Bloodhound team explained that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, combined with the turbulent UK economy, has “severely impacted the search for fundraising” and, as a consequence, the timeline for completing the world record attempt.

  • Formula One champion Jenson Button will compete in Extreme E

    Former Formula One champion Jenson Button is joining Extreme E. Lewis Hamilton, the current Formula One title holder, and Nico Rosberg, the 2016 champion, have created their own teams for the electric motorsport.

  • Apple's next MacBook Air could be even thinner and lighter

    Last week, Bloomberg reported that Apple was planning a redesigned MacBook Air.

  • Tucows closes its once-popular software download site

    “Tucows Downloads is old,” Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows said.

  • Apple's VR headset may include a fan and support prescription lenses

    Apple is pushing ahead with two devices focused on VR and AR respectively, according to a Bloomberg report. The company has long been rumored to be working on an augmented reality headset similar to the much-hyped Magic Leap One. According to Bloomberg, the company is planning a “mostly virtual reality device” that could launch as early as 2022.

  • Ford begins sharing its driver-collected accident data with other car makers

    That’s why Ford has started sharing its own car data, which includes airbag activations, emergency braking and fog light usage, with other manufacturers.

  • Samsung Display to make 90Hz OLED screens for laptops

    What would you prefer in your next gaming laptop? An OLED panel with excellent contrast and deep black levels, or a different display technology that can surpass 60Hz? Samsung Display has announced plans to manufacture “the world’s first” 90Hz OLED panels destined for laptops and notebooks.