Ned Ehrbar


    Ned Ehrbar is a personal finance producer for Yahoo Finance. He previously worked at NBC, CBS and MTV.

  • How to deal with market volatility if you’re retiring soon

    For those looking to retire in the next five years, market volatility is extra unsettling. Retirement expert Ed Slott has advice about what investors should be doing to protect themselves in these tumultuous times.

  • Money lessons parents aren't teaching their kids

    Are you worried your parents didn’t teach you enough about money? You’re not alone. Nearly one in four adults in the U.S. -- 24%, according to the study -- say their parents didn’t give them any sort of financial education growing up, according to a new report.

  • Memorial Day Weekend deals extend to cars, houses

    Memorial Day is known to be a great time to shop, but you might want to think even bigger this year than usual. Just how big are we talking? Cars and houses big.

  • More than half of millennials in their 30s still banking on Mom and Dad

    According to a recent study, more than half of older millennials are still banking on Mom and Dad for up to a third of their monthly expenses.

  • The best home renovation tips from the stars of “Good Bones”

    The key to any home renovation project is to first identify your goals, according to "Good Bones" stars Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak.

  • These states have the highest number of open auto recalls

    There have been plenty of auto recalls in the news recently, including the massive Takata airbag recall which affects tens of millions of defective airbags. But some drivers are still not taking their cars in to address the widespread safety problems. To fix that, the National Safety Council has declared May as Airbag Recall Repair Month.

  • Retail returns secrets that can help you save

    Shoppers love generous return policies. Before you head out to the store, keep these handy secrets from Krazy Coupon Lady Joanie Demer in mind.

  • An IRA tax hack for retirees 70 and over

    With the new tax law changes all but wiping out itemized deductions, filers are looking for any ways they can to catch a break. Account holders over the age of 70 1/2 are subject to RMDs — required minimum distributions — which is the amount they’re obligated to withdraw from their tax-deferred retirement accounts and pay taxes on. “The government wants its money back,” retirement expert Ed Slott tells Yahoo Finance.

  • 39 million Americans can’t afford a summer vacation

    The summer season is a huge travel time for American families, but some startling information tells us that this year isn’t going to be the break a lot of people are hoping for.

  • BMW, Fiat Chrysler hit with recall troubles

    Tesla isn’t the only automaker making headlines this week for technical misfires. BMW and Fiat Chrysler are also facing recall troubles.

  • How to close the female leadership gap in business

    The female leadership gap in the corporate world isn’t going away, but there are ways to address it, from sponsorships to mentoring and beyond. But it’s going to take work from all sides.

  • Breaking the cannabis glass ceiling

    Amy Margolis identified a problem in the burgeoning Oregon cannabis industry, so she set out to solve it. The problem? Despite the industry’s newness and the encouraging early statistics about gender equity, a glass ceiling has developed in the cannabis business.

  • All your retirement tax questions answered

    The 2019 tax season has proved to be more complicated and confusing than previous years, thanks in large part to the implementation of changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Luckily, a team of CPAs has been on hand to answer your questions.

  • Understanding tax exemptions, deductions and credits

    Our tax experts are answering Yahoo Finance viewer questions as we hit the homestretch of tax season. Sheila Brandenberg, a New York-based CPA, has some answers for filers who find a lot of the process confusing.

  • How to report IRA conversions on your taxes

    Our tax experts are answering Yahoo Finance viewer questions as we hit the homestretch of tax season. A lot of those questions have to do with the delicate dance of taxes and retirement investing.

  • How to tackle taxes in retirement

    Our tax experts are answering Yahoo Finance viewer questions as we hit the homestretch of tax season, and a lot of concerns popping up are specific to retirees.

  • 5 ways to make Equal Pay Day a reality

    April 2 is Equal Pay Day, highlighting how far into 2019 a woman must work to earn, on average, the same amount a man did for the same job in 2018.

  • Top business leaders share advice for their daughters

    For the leaders of tomorrow to be successful, they need the right advice and encouragement today. That’s why executive search firm Egon Zehnder started its Leaders and Daughters initiative and the letter-writing campaign To My Daughter.

  • Here’s what happens when you make a mistake on your taxes

    Filing season is in full swing, and the April 15 deadline is fast approaching. That can mean panic and hastiness, and a lot of filers are worried about making a mistake.

  • Filing your taxes on paper in 2019: How hard could it be?

    What better way to get over my fear of taxes than to make doing them as hard as possible? That’s right, rather than hiring an accountant or using TurboTax, I decided to try my hand at doing my taxes the old-fashioned way: with a pen and paper.