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  • 10 biggest ever Box Office superstars of Bollywood - Part 1

    With 7 HGOTY (Dil, Raja Hindustani, Ghajini, 3 idiots, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal), he's only behind Salman Khan and Dilip Kumar in an all-time list. Here is the 1st part of the series '10 biggest ever Box Office superstars of Bollywood'.

  • The most-awaited Bollywood films of 2021

    As the cinemas remained closed for the better part of the year in 2019 due to COVID-19 pandemic, many big-ticket movies were either shelved or their release dates were pushed.These are the movies which are expected to break the dry spell and bring cheers for the industry in 2021.

  • How Anil Kapoor has stayed relevant for more than 30 years

    It is a testimony to his discipline, diligence, acting finesse and gumption that in the long run he has outclassed all his contemporaries who in their prime were considered bigger Box Office draws than him.

  • Top 10 viral stories that made waves in India in 2020

    Here is a list of viral news items which were fervently circulated, watched and discussed in 2020.

  • Is Sonia Gandhi an insecure mother?

    In August, the group of 23 Congress leaders in August wrote a scathing letter to the interim Congress president - Sonia Gandhi - seeking full-time and active leadership and introspection behind the steady decline of the Grand Old Party.

  • How NDA emerged victorious in Bihar: Five key takeaways

    The insiders suggested that LJP was acting at the behest of Modi to undercut his ally Nitish's stature and tally of seats.

  • Bihar polls: Biggest winners and losers

    Here is how the prominent politicians across various parties fared in Bihar elections 2020.

  • Neither malignant nor miraculous, farm bills are an exercise in status quo

    In the wake of fervent protests by farmers and a host of organisations, the Congress government in Punjab last week passed three farm amendment bills in a bid to repudiate and remove Punjab from the purview of the recently-passed farm legislations by the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. While some experts hailed it as a revolutionary step to unshackle the farming community, many were displeased.

  • Bihar polls: Modi's master plan to cut his 'ally' Nitish to size

    One can fault Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, for many things but not for not being ambitious enough. Since 2014, when Modi became the prime minister, the BJP has expanded its footprint considerably across India. From winning many states where it had been relegated to the wilderness for years to even capturing states such as Assam and Tripura, where it had negligible presence, the BJP's massive expanse bears the imprimatur of Modi's ambition, audacity and unremitting popularity.

  • Top headlines of the day: September 3, 2020

    Facebook bans BJP MLA for hate speech, a coronavirus case detected in the BCCI team in Dubai and more, in today’s news wrap

  • Top headlines of the day: September 2, 2020

    India bans 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG; active COVID-19 cases in India continue to surge,

  • The story behind mini-revolt against Sonia Gandhi in Congress

    On May 25, 2019, a day after the Congress copped another abject drubbing at the hustings in the general elections at the hands of incumbent Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party, then party president Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post and recommended that a non-Gandhi should occupy the top post in the Grand Old Party. While a section of Congress leaders and supporters, tacitly or in private, applauded his statement, many were of the opinion that he should continue as the president. After a couple of months of rumblings within the party, Sonia Gandhi, who had earlier been the party president from 1998 to 2017, took over as the interim president in August 2019 at the fervid beseeching of her loyalists.

  • Ram Janmabhoomi: Congress's role, hypocrisy and U-turns

    In the dead of a dark, cold night in Ayodhya, the idol of Lord Ram appears in the structure called Babri Masjid. It creates a sensation in the twin cities of Ayodhya and Faizabad, and the ripples are felt across the then United Province (UP). No one had anticipated that more than half-a-century later, the stone foundation ceremony for a grand Ram Temple would take place at the same spot after enormous political churning and long-standing legal wrangles.

  • Ashok Gehlot: a 'magical' rags to riches story

    Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has once again emerged triumphant even as the Congress washes its dirty linen in public with the removal of Sachin Pilot as the state’s deputy chief minister. The fact that the Congress ’high command flatly refused to entertain Pilot’s demand to replace Gehlot with him as the Rajasthan chief minister speaks volumes about the latter’s strong ties with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

  • 'Badlands': The rivalry that politicised crime in UP

    The arrest and the subsequent gunning down of gangster Vikas Dubey in a police encounter have once again put the spotlight on the nexus between criminals and politicians in Uttar Pradesh. The Opposition political parties, even those who propped him up during their rule in the state, are up in the arms claiming that the encounter was carried out to protect the ‘big fish’ in the system who patronised and helped him expand his web of organised crime, including murders, extortion, among other things. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were at the forefront of politicisation of crime and criminalisation of politics.

  • Congress is handing India over to BJP on a platter: Sanjay Jha

    Jha was recently removed as the national spokesperson by the Congress after he made suggestions on how to revive the party.

  • Bollywood's dirty games in the wake of Sushant's suicide

    Abhinav Kashyap made his debut as a director in Salman Khan's blockbuster 'Dabangg'.

  • What drove Sushant Singh Rajput to suicide?

    However, within the film industry, most were aware of Sushant’s deteriorating mental health.

  • Why Rishi Kapoor never got his due as a Box Office star

    In May 1973, Amitabh Bachchan's 'Zanjeer', directed by Prakash Mehra, hit the screens and the 'Angry Young Man' prototype landed a brutal punch to a tottering Rajesh Khanna.

  • Why Manmohan Desai is Bollywood's most commercially successful director ever

    “Manmohan Desai was the genius who had the audacity to tell the audience in the very first frame that he was going to be illogical, make a fool of them and they better enjoy it.” Be it Box Office or enduring value, the propellants of cinema are the hoi polloi, the common people, not the critics: no one symbolized, and underlined, this fact more resoundingly than Manmohan Desai. Throughout his career, critics derided his films as ‘illogical’, ‘formulaic’, ‘corny’ and ‘crass’, but the audience lapped them up gleefully and turned them into massive blockbusters.