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  • Should you be eating more when it's cold?

    We’re always told to eat plenty of ‘hearty’ meals in winter, but does science back that thought up? We investigated whether or not we actually need more calories to get us through those chilly nights… Winter brings out your inner caveman Your November carb cravings may have historical origins. “Long, long ago, winter was a hazardous time,” explains Dr Gill Jenkins. “Autumn’s harvest would dictate how much food was available throughout the colder months, and once those supplies were used up, additional resources were hard to come by unless you were very rich. ...

  • The supplements you should be taking in winter

    From fish oil to vitamin D tablets, the winter supplements you should start taking now to give your health a boost over the next few months.

  • How to save your dry, cracked hands in the winter

    Dr Tatiana, Skin Doctor at Dr Tatiana Aesthetic Clinics, recommends good old-fashioned Vaseline:  “Vaseline petroleum jelly works wonders on dry, cracked skin,” she says. “During the winter months the humidity of the air reduces, resulting in drier conditions for your skin,” explains Dr Michael Barnish, Aesthetic Doctor at the Jonquille Chantrey clinic in Alderley Edge. Dr Barnish suggests drinking more water to keep your hydration levels up, as well as “wearing gloves in the cold weather and avoiding over-heating your home”.

  • Signs and symptoms you've got flu

    We expect the odd cold once thick tights and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in our lives. But succumbing to the flu is not an option when there are Christmas parties, mince pies and, err, a limited number of paid sick days to think about. Colds and flu share many signs and symptoms, but there are also some key differences between the two. These are all the flu symptoms you need to watch out for. Cold symptoms With the flu, you will get the sore throat, cough, runny nose and sneezes typical to colds, but it will all be more rapid. ...

  • Natural cold remedies: How to feel better without heavy duty medicine

    From laying low to breathing in stream, expert natural cold remedies that will save you reaching for the Lemsip.

  • SPF cream during the winter: Should we be wearing it?

    We all know we need to wear SPF cream in the summer, but what about in the winter? The sun still shines (on occasion), so surely we should still protect our skin?

  • Does replacing exercise with sex keep you fit?

    For the wide majority of us, exercise is no fun. Whether you work out on a treadmill, by hitting the pavements or at a weekly yoga class, you would probably rather save yourself the hassle and expense and give it a miss altogether. Or, swap it with something equally energetic – and more fun – like sex.

  • 50 hilarious tweets that sum up being a parent

    Thankfully, there are corners of the internet that aren’t all #mumspo and milestone updates. Here’s 50 funny (and very honest) tweets about what it’s really like to be a parent.Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for non-stop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyleUK. Read more from Yahoo Style UK:

  • This is the ideal relationship age gap, according to experts

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham are 20 years apart