Michael Y.P. Ang

    Michael Y.P. Ang

  • COMMENT: Will the ASEAN Super League benefit Singapore football?

    The crucial question: Is the FAS youth development plan giving Singaporeans "another false hope"?

  • COMMENT: How Singapore can build a bigger talent pool for football

    Youth development, the process of developing youngsters into high-level footballers capable of becoming national players, should be effective in every ethnic community.

  • COMMENT: Will football and politics in Singapore finally get a divorce?

    FIFA's confirmation that it told the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) early last week to revise its constitution could be the trigger for a tidal wave of changes in the organisation that governs the most popular sport among Singaporeans.

  • EXCLUSIVE: FIFA contacts FAS to revise constitution

    FIFA has contacted the Football Association of Singapore to align its statutes with FIFA standards.

  • EXCLUSIVE: FAS under FIFA scrutiny

    The Singapore government's decades-long, direct involvement in the affairs of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) could come under scrutiny by football’s world governing body FIFA.

  • Is women's football a neglected sport in Singapore?

    What happens when you combine women with Singapore's most popular sport, football? Unfortunately, you end up with a national team that seems to have been neglected by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) for the past couple of years.

  • 28th SEA Games: Hits, misses and what happens next

    The 28th South-east Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore ended Tuesday night. Like other international multi-sport events, the biennial event had its fair share of talking points.

  • 6 reasons you should watch the SEA Games

    The 28th South-east Asian (SEA) Games will officially start tonight with the opening ceremony at the National Stadium and will end with the closing ceremony on June 16. If you haven't caught any of the past week's action and are wondering whether to watch this biennial ASEAN multi-sport event, which has come to our shores for the first time since 1993, here are some facts to consider.

  • COMMENT: Singapore a secular state? Think again

    In recent years, there have been loud calls to exclude religion from the public sphere in Singapore. Singapore is widely seen as a secular state because it has no official religion. But there's more to secularism than the absence of a state religion.

  • COMMENT: NS and studies do not hinder sporting success

    There's ample evidence to show that NS commitments do not stop national athletes from securing success. Some have even able to compete on the continental stage.

  • Does Singapore football deserve public funding? (Part Two)

    Unrealistic goals are pointless. GOAL 2010, the ill-fated FAS project for pushing Singapore towards the 2010 World Cup finals, is largely seen as a sign of poor football administration.

  • Does Singapore football deserve public funding? (Part One)

    Our 50th National Day akan datang, so there's no better time for a half-century review to determine how much, if at all, our national sport deserves public funding.