Manvi Agarwal

    Manvi Agarwal

  • 10 money hacks to boost your savings on a daily basis

    Prepare a budget: A great way to stay disciplined about your money is to create a realistic budget with specific goals. A better way is to keep some money aside for fun activities to motivate yourself with a reward occasionally.

  • A simple 5-step guide to building a effective household budget

    All great financial planning begins with effective budgeting. Whether you are trying to pay off your bills, control your spending, saving for a dream home; building a monthly budget is the stepping stone to realising your financial goals. There are steps you can undertake, to create an effective budget while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Pros and cons of investing internationally

    Indians were allowed to invest in international equities some 17 years ago (around 2003). It was the case with the Indian economy back then. The Indian economy and by extension, the stock markets were doing very well around 2003, prompting investors to invest in their home country.

  • 5 basic tenets for women to ensure financial security

    Ensuring financial security is imperative and not that difficult. Learn about the basics of budgeting, saving habits and investments. It will allow you to identify investment options best suited to your needs.

  • The ideal time to teach your kids about money

    As parents, we often wonder - ''Will my child be smart about money?'', often forgetting that children only learn what they see and experience. Most of them get their money values from their parents. A common mistake parents make is waiting too long to give their kids money lessons.

  • 6 common myths about investing in stocks

    Here are some of the most common stock market myths you must ignore to create long-term wealth.

  • MUST READ: The 4 pillars of investing

    Investing is not just about trying to grow your savings, aggressively. It is a prolonged commitment to grow your wealth.

  • How to pay off your debt and save, too

    Once you have repaid all your debt and gained full control over your monthly incomes, start saving and develop a disciplined investing schedule.

  • How to identify and break emotional spending habits

    An efficient budget serves as a fantastic guiding post for your spending, leaving your emotions powerless.

  • Here's why you must start investing at a young age

    Some maxims encourage you to spend most of your income on your current wants, forcing you to ignore your financial future. 

  • Want to get rich? Here are 6 steps to avoid to grow your wealth

    The best way to stop your income from running out and to ensure that your money continues to grow is to plan your finances.

  • A 1% difference can affect your investment returns drastically

    Even though some costs seem small, over time they can balloon up, eating away at your returns.

  • Stock markets on fire: what should you do?

    There is no sure shot formula to ensure your success, but there are certain steps you can avoid in a bull market frenzy.

  • Money tips that will help you sail through this slowdown

    The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your financial health even in a slowdown. 

  • 4 financial things to review annually

    Investors may avoid all sorts of financial mistakes: Chasing trendy funds/stocks, not matching your investments to your goals, paying too much for the advice, not diversifying enough. A financial review is a lengthy task and can be intimidating. People often misunderstand financial planning with investment planning.

  • Investing vs speculating: Know the difference

    After all, an investor is also speculating. While an investor is also making a guess, his guess is an educated one. An investor arrives at an estimated value after conducting his independent fundamental research.

  • Top 10 investment warning signs

    A single bad investment can set you back a good number of years. With this in mind, we have outlined ten warning signs that can help you with the process. A good test is to look at the debt to equity ratio.

  • 6 steps to making better investment decisions

    All I am saying is that a good investment strategy takes time to play out.

  • 5 good reasons the bull markets can continue

    Since the stock markets began their ascend in June 2020, everyone has been surprised. The previous stimulus package announced by the Government was around 1.2lakh crore, approximately 10% of the GDP. This liquidity-driven stimulus package provided much-needed relief to the MSME sector along with tax breaks for all.

  • 5 common money myths debunked

    In the meantime, peruse through some of these most common money myths and avoid them. People often believe they need a truckload of savings to start investing and put it off for a later age. Scenario 1: a couple decides to invest Rs.1,000 for their daughter since her birth.