Malak Saleh


    Malak Saleh is Engadget's designated health and fitness reporter, specializing in covering a wide range of topics related to biotech at the intersection of medical advancements and wellness. Malak has a degree in nursing with a specialty in psychology and a wealth of experience in clinical practices including geriatric care in nursing homes, working in a diabetes and thyroid clinic, and in a psychiatric hospital. Throughout her journalism career, Malak has worked with renowned publications, including Inc. Magazine, CNN, the Orlando Business Journal, Bloomberg, and Dow Jones, to name a few. Her contributions as an editor on the breaking news desk at Bloomberg and as a reporter at Barron's during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic focused on US markets, with a specific emphasis on big pharma. These experiences provided her with valuable insights into the pharmaceutical industry and its response to the global health crisis. Email story ideas, or tips, to