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  • Christmas day breakfast ideas to rustle up this year

    Kick-start your day the right way this year with a delicious Christmas day breakfast.

  • Christmas dinner on a budget: Where to save (and where to splurge)

    When it comes to Christmas dinner, the pressure makes it tempting to head to the most expensive supermarket to ensure a good feast. Pork does tend to be of a better quality the more you pay for it, especially when it comes to sausages and bacon – the essentials for pigs in blankets.

  • How to deal with relatives during the festive season

    Especially when you spend half of it rowing with your family, and the other half worrying about rowing with your family. “I find Christmas to be a time when many of my clients are brought back to their childhoods and those memories may not all be happy,” Hilda explains. “Many of us, when we retreat to our family home, are confronted with parents and siblings who treat us as they always have done.

  • Home made Christmas gift ideas when you're really skint

    Ah Christmas. That wonderful time of year when you show your friends and family how much they mean to you in exact monetary terms.

  • 8 things you should never keep in the bathroom

    What do you keep in your bathroom cabinet? If it’s any of these things, you might want to rethink… Having your 'medicine cabinet' in the bathroom is pretty common, right? Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can affect drugs, reducing their effectiveness. Image: Instagram Changing temperatures and humidity can cause metal jewellery to tarnish, which could cause that green residue to rub off onto your skin.

  • Five-a-day: Fruit and veg that do and don't count towards your daily quota

    New research has found that eating your five a day increases life expectancy by around three years and even managing just three a day can give you an 18 month advantage over those who didn’t eat fruit and veg every day. The researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden said their findings backed up the World Health Organisation’s recommendations that we should all eat at least 400g of fruit and veg a day.

  • 7 weird dreams we all have - and their meaning

    Whether we remember them or not, we all dream. Every night, part of our sleep cycle involves dreaming as our brains process and refresh after the day. And whether they’re simply random electrical connections made by the brain as it processes and compartmentalises information or something deeper, there’s no doubt that what they might mean is endlessly fascinating. So we asked psychologist and dreams expert Ian Wallace, working with time4sleep,what common dreams people have, and what they really mean. ...

  • Veggie Christmas dinner options to make meat-eaters jealous

    Say no to soggy stuffed peppers. Always.Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for non-stop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyleUK.Read more from Yahoo Style UK:Autumn recipe ideas to try at home now 

  • 7 steps to keep your mood up during winter

    Eating healthily, seeing friends, getting outside and doing exercise are all trotted out year by year, so let’s assume you’re already doing those. Exercise is even more essential for your mental health in winter, and learning a new active skill is a great way to get fit without it feeling like a struggle. Book a beginner’s course to help get you started and make newbie boxing friends.