Kendall Baker

    Senior writer

    Kendall Baker joined Yahoo Sports in August 2023 as a senior writer and author of the "Yahoo Sports AM" daily newsletter. He previously spent five years at Axios, where he was the author of the "Axios Sports" daily newsletter. Follow him on X (@kendallbaker) and Instagram (@bendallkaker).

  • Yahoo Sports AM: A star is born

    Today's edition includes Tyrese Haliburton and the Pacers' winning ways, Army's new-look offense, the mother of all river waves, and more.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Tom Brady and the transfer portal

    Today's edition includes an examination of the college football transfer portal, "Behind the Lens" with Getty Images, the volleyball capital of America, and so much more.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: A break in the silence

    Today's edition includes the latest on Shohei Ohtani's free agency, the "Hughes Bowl," NFL power rankings, and so much more.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: 12-team playoff

    Today's edition includes what a 12-team playoff would have looked like, the man who "completed football," a new way to play golf, and so much more.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Fifth wheel

    The final year of the four-team College Football Playoff delivered the most controversial decision yet: 13-0 Florida State won't get a shot at a national title.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Championship weekend

    For the first time in the College Football Playoff's four-team era, eight Power 5 teams enter championship weekend with one loss or fewer

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Andrew Whitworth interview

    Today's edition includes an interview with NFL veteran and "TNF" analyst Andrew Whitworth, the two-man Heisman race, a frustrated Hall of Famer, and a must-read feature on C.J. Stroud.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Cuban sells Mavs

    In an unprecedented move, Mark Cuban is selling the Mavericks for $3.5 billion but retaining control of the team.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Tempest Tepper

    The Panthers sacked Frank Reich on Monday, the fourth head coach David Tepper has fired in the last 18 months.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: End of an era

    Rivalry Week delivered as always, but with the College Football Playoff expanding and the Pac-12 disbanding, this annual tradition will never be the same.

  • Baker's Dozen: Highlights of the weekend (Nov. 23-26, 2023)

    Alejandro Garnacho's wonder goal headlines this week's edition of Baker's Dozen, featuring the 13 best highlights from Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday-Sunday).

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Thanksgiving weekend watchlist

    Please enjoy this in-depth viewing guide to plan your Thanksgiving weekend sports consumption.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Philly gets revenge

    The Eagles went into Arrowhead on Monday night hoping to get revenge for February's Super Bowl defeat. They emerged with a comeback victory and the best record in the NFL.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Alone at the top

    Lest anyone still doubted his place atop tennis'Mount Rushmore, Novak Djokovic capped another dominant season with a record-breaking seventh ATP Finals title, solidifying his claim as the sport's GOAT.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Cricket, explained

    The Cricket World Cup final is Sunday. To celebrate, we've attempted to explain the sport.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: What is a bench coach?

    Four of the seven MLB managers hired this offseason were bench coaches. What exactly does a bench coach do?

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Green chokes Gobert

    Draymond Green received his 18th career ejection on Tuesday. Only one player in NBA history has more.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Week of the walk-off

    There were a record five walk-off field goals on Sunday. Naturally, Monday delivered a sixth.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Could a rookie win NFL MVP?

    Plus: Youth sports in America, and the club that went from laughingstock to champion.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: The Michigan scandal, explained

    As the wildest college football story in recent memory unfolds, it's become increasingly difficult to keep up. So I went back to the very beginning, gathered everything we know, and put it all in one place to hopefully bring you all some clarity.