Kemp Powers

    Kemp Powers

  • New report could hit U.S. meat and grain industries hard

    If Americans want to get healthier and protect the planet simultaneously, they should eat less meat – that's according to a new report from America's top nutritional experts. The report issued by the Dietary Guidelines

  • Superbug outbreak linked to two deaths at UCLA hospital

    More than 100 patients might have been exposed to a potentially deadly superbug bacteria at a California hospital. According to muliple outlets, the superbug, known as CRE, has been linked to the deaths of at least two patients and has infected

  • How selling harvested organs could play into ISIS' budget

    The Islamic State is reportedly harvesting organs to fund its operations, according to an Iraqi official. Iraq's envoy to the U.N. told the Security Council that some bodies in mass graves had incisions and were missing kidneys, and that

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  • US withdrawing most troops fighting Ebola in West Africa

    By JOSH LEDERMAN WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is preparing to withdraw nearly all of its troops fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the White House said Tuesday, as the global health crisis recedes amid a sharp decline in Ebola

  • Iraq's growing oil problem

    Falling oil prices could make the fight against ISIS harder. Oil prices have plummeted about 60 percent since last summer when they were about $115 per barrel. Prices are now below $50 a barrel. Because of the drop, the economies of oil-reliant

  • NYC's 'Rent Too High' candidate facing eviction

    NEW YORK (AP) - A New York City man who made his political name over the claim that "the rent is too damn high" may soon not have a place to live. Jimmy McMillan, who ran for governor in 2010, said Tuesday he's facing an eviction

  • In poor New York neighborhoods, residents ask: Where are the police?

    By Emily Flitter and Luciana Lopez (Reuters) - On the sidewalk of a public housing development in Brooklyn, New York notorious for gang violence and drug activity, the words "Fascist pig, go home!" in black spray paint are fading but

  • U.S. prosecutors recommend criminal charges against Petraeus: N.Y. Times

    (Reuters) - The FBI and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing criminal charges against former CIA chief David Petraeus for improperly providing classified information to a female Army Reserve officer with whom he was having an

  • Indonesia says pings detected in search for AirAsia jet's black box

    By Charlotte Greenfield and Kanupriya Kapoor (Reuters) - Indonesia search and rescue teams hunting for the wreck of an AirAsia passenger jet detected pings in their efforts to find the black box recorders on Friday, 12 days after the plane went

  • Obama issues 3 veto threats in 2 days

    By DAVID ESPO and NEDRA PICKLER WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House threatened more vetoes Wednesday against top-priority legislation of the new, Republican-controlled Congress, and GOP leaders said they intend to keep challenging President Barack

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  • Bad luck to blame for two-thirds of cancer cases

    New research suggests the majority of adult cancer cases are caused by bad luck. Johns Hopkins researchers found two-thirds of adult cancers are primarily caused by random mutations that take place when stem cells divide. (Video Via National