Kathryn Kyte

    Kathryn Kyte is a journalist and writer based in Toronto.

  • How Canada’s COVID-19 response is faring

    Experts say the federal government has responded with a measured approach, providing a reasonable amount of certainty in a very uncertain time.

  • Google's chief sustainability officer strives for greater efficiencies in a high-powered world

    Google’s total energy consumption in 2018 was 10 terawatt-hours, about 1.5% of Canada’s annual electricity generation of 2017. Google’s chief sustainability officer says the company is also becoming the world’s largest purchaser of renewable energy.

  • Next gen may outshine millennials in credit prudence: study

    Generation Z may be outshining millennials in financial prudence and credit card planning.

  • What Canadian households are spending most of their money on

    Canadians are spending most of their household income on imputed rental fees for housing, followed by food and then paid rental fees for housing. Food and non-alcoholic beverages services, such as money spent on restaurants, rounds out the top expenditures, based on current price estimates, seasonally adjusted for the first quarter of 2019. One interesting trend has been the slowdown in the purchase of motor vehicles, notes an analyst from Statistics Canada.

  • These are the countries where expats in Canada are sending money

    As the dollar drops, it can make for less of a return and more of a headache when sending money internationally.

  • Which wireless providers are Canadians most satisfied with?

    The 2019 Wireless Network Quality Study looked at customer satisfaction with their wireless carriers, finding that data connectivity was paramount.

  • 'The greatest threat facing the country today': Is Canada doing enough to thwart cyber crime?

    The global management firm Accenture reported on the cost of cyber crime, surveying 25 Canadian companies, and found they recorded an average of 75 cyber attacks in 2018. This translates to nearly 1.5 attacks per week.

  • Which Canadian companies are best positioned for an IPO?

    It's an IPO race and relay, and Canada does have some legs in the lanes, but this might be burning out, says Shawn Rutledge, portfolio manager and investment advisor at Mackie Research Capital.

  • What to do if you have a tax dispute with the government

    Tax season isn’t just the time of year where we pay our fair share to the government. Tax disputes are evidentiary disputes that require digging to prove a case. One high profile tax dispute which has received attention as of late can be seen between Amazon.com Inc and the IRS–where over $2 billion in tax adjustments has been called into question.

  • How to spot a tax scam and what to do if you fall for one

    With tax season upon us, scammers are out in full force. Here's what you need to watch out for to make sure you don't become a victim.

  • Here's why many millennials are putting off the 'age of responsibility'

    In 1997, Canadian households spent on average $49,005 in total household expenditure (from mortgage fees to electricity). By 2009 this number rose to $71,117.

  • How to put your best face forward, according to Dr. Pimple Popper

    The skincare guru shares her tips with Yahoo Canada.

  • '21st Century milkman': Companies ditching single-use packaging to drive change

    A new platform called Loop promises to enforce zero-waste management by its coalition of companies that include Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG), Nestle (NYSE: NSYGY) and Unilever (NYSE: UN)

  • The best Boxing Day (and week) sales in Canada

    This Boxing Day (and week!)  choose from a selection of electronics, bags, beauty products and cookware. Here’s what caught our attention.

  • How to avoid the dreaded holiday bloat

    Some people will gain a whopping 10 pounds from November until January.

  • Does a hangover cure exist? Canadian author thinks he may have found it

    Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall travelled all over the world testing out hangover cures -- and he swears by this concoction.

  • Gift Guide 2018: The best gifts for men

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  • Gift Guide 2018: The best gifts for foodies

    Shopping for a food lover? We've got you covered.

  • Gift Guide 2018: The best gifts for mom

    From chic running shoes to noise-cancelling earbud headphones, we've rounded up 10 perfect gifts any mom would love.

  • Gift Guide 2018: The best gifts for kids under $100

    The holiday season is here — and with that comes the joy of shopping, or at least the joy of seeing those shopping efforts recognized…maybe. Kids are watching and waiting for the big reveal. To help your shopping endeavours, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite selections, suitable for any kid looking to have some fun.From entertaining games to building tech projects, here are 10 picks to help you in your shopping this season.Looking for more gift ideas? Check out more of our gift guides right here.Let us know what you think by commenting below and tweeting @YahooStyleCA! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.Check out Yahoo Canada’s podcast, Make It Reign — our hot takes on all things royals in a non-stuffy way — on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.