Karina Nowysz

  • Kit Kat thief leaves apologetic note after stealing chocolate bar from car

    The Kit Kat thief may be one of the politest criminals ever after he apologized with this note. The perpetrator first checked if the car door was unlocked before attempting to take the Kit Kat bar from the cup holder. Hunter Jobbins, a student at Kansas State University, said left his car for 15 minutes.

  • Virginia police officer stuns high school students by dancing like Beyoncé

    [A screenshot from a video posted on Twitter shows a police officer dancing to Beyoncé’s music at a high school pep rally in Virginia. Spooky Harry/Twitter]

  • Pepe the Frog is back in new campaign aimed away from hate

    Pepe the Frog, a fictional character that became an Internet meme often associated with racism and anti-Semitism, is set to be reclaimed as a positive image thanks to a social media campaign launched by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the cartoon frog’s creator. “Pepe was never intended to be used as a symbol of hate,” said ADL chief executive officer Jonathan Greenblatt in the Oct. 14 statement. On social media, Pepe became associated with “alt-right” movement of the U.S., according to the Toronto Star.

  • Pomeranian becomes blind dog’s best friend by guiding him through life

    Hoshi, an American Eskimo dog from Washington, is blind. Fortunately, his best pal, a Pomeranian named Zen, is by his side when they go on adventures together. Attached by a leash, Zen is Hoshi’s eyes and helps guide him.

  • Tourists dare to swing over the edge of 300m tall Chinese cliff

    Located at Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park in Chongqing, tourists brave enough to take part in this heart-pumping ride are strapped into a swing while someone else pushes them over the edge of a 300-metre high clifftop, the Independent reports. According to DailyMail Online, a similar swing opened to the public in Amsterdam at the end of August. The swing known as Over the Edge is referenced as Europe’s highest swing.

  • Swiss Chalet and Lay’s team up to create the ‘ultimate’ Canadian chip

    Canadians will have a chance to enjoy Swiss Chalet’s signature dipping sauce in a new crispy version. “Partnering with Lay’s was a natural extension for our brand,” Lindsay Robinson, Swiss Chalet’s Director of Marketing, said in a press release. It was this “fanatical love” that inspired Swiss Chalet’s sauce-flavoured Lay’s chips.

  • Russians fear nuclear explosion after spotting mysterious mushroom cloud

    A massive mushroom cloud looming over a Siberian town left locals fearing a deadly nuclear explosion had occurred.

  • Photo of hamster with tiny cast sends internet into frenzy

    This photo probably contains an entire day’s recommended dose of cuteness.

  • Hunky firefighter delivers birthday cake to 105-year-old woman

    According to Chronicle Live, a handsome, tattooed fireman used a ladder to climb up to her third-floor window at the senior home to deliver her birthday cake. “On her bucket list this year she wanted a cake delivered by a fireman with tattoos,” Debra Carter, an employee at the Addison Court Care Home, told Chronicle Live. Instead, the whole crew came along to enjoy her birthday party.

  • Baby deer’s face says it all after being rescued from Louisiana floods

    Scott Black was finally leaving work after rising floodwaters had kept him in the pharmacist office for nearly 14 hours. As he was leaving, Black captured a baby deer wrapped up in towels that was rescued from the floods.

  • Martial arts instructor tells young boy it’s ‘OK’ to cry

    The moving video, part of an initiation test to get into the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy in Detroit, Michigan, shows a little boy named Bruce trying to punch through a block, before breaking into tears. The academy’s founder, Jason Wilson stops the class to ask Bruce why he is crying.

  • Police hand out ice cream cones to drivers on sweltering day

    One video shows a nervous female driver getting pulled over by Officers Brian Warner and Kevin Lands for “breaking the law” on a sweltering hot day in Virginia. “Her reaction was absolutely the best,” Warner told KTLA 5. It turns out “its against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone,” Warner told the female driver, who bursts out laughing in relief, as he hands her two cones.

  • Boy gets ultimate surprise after thinking his dad forgot his birthday

    A father’s joke pretending to forget his son’s birthday has the Internet in tears.

  • Revealed: The secret to getting every last drop out of a ketchup bottle

    It’s no secret that the struggle to getting all of the ketchup out of a glass bottle is a feeling many can empathize with. At last, ketchup maker Heinz has revealed a long-held secret trick. A spokesperson for Heinz told Mirror the this area is the “sweet spot” of the Heinz bottle.

  • Astronaut may have accidentally ‘spilled the beans’ on NASA code for aliens

    Controversial footage from the International Space Station (ISS) between an astronaut and mission control is causing quite the stir among UFO fans. According to UFO blogger Scott Waring, who posted the live recording on YouTube, the suspicious reference to gospel is unusual for an astronaut. “To me, the astronaut’s comments sounded a lot like he was speaking in some kind of code to get across to ground control what he was seeing while he was out there, and where to look,” one YouTube user commented.

  • Birthday card re-gifted 94 times

    “This birthday card has been regifted…94 times,” LincolnesLostSpeach wrote along with posting a photo of the card. It’s the inside of the Hallmark card where the family’s hilarious tradition is evident. Along with message “Save this card.

  • Raccoon charges at homeowner after getting chased of deck

    A guy who was just trying to get a raccoon off his patio got a surprise when the creature fought back aggressively.

  • Video showing man’s close contact with grey whale is ‘no laughing matter’

    Witnessing marine wildlife in their natural habitat is a thrilling experience, but one man’s close encounter with a grey whale feeding in the ocean is causing quite the disturbance online. The video, shared to the Victoria Buzz Facebook page, shows a man identified as ‘Steve’ walking towards a whale that appears to be feeding at Keeha Bay Beach on Vancouver Island. “Steve decided he wanted to try and touch it,” the video description reads.

  • Hilarious “Found Cat” ad posted on Craigslist

    A recent “Found Cat” ad from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, features a mountain lion lounging on a front porch of a house. There’s also a lurking kid in the window adding to the hilarity of the entire ad along with the reason for why the owner can’t keep the mountain lion.

  • Powerful picture: Police officer’s children pray for his safety after Baton Rouge shooting

    A dramatic photo of two children praying for their father and other police officers captures the grief and tension ebbing in the U.S. in the wake of multiple police shootings. Kneeling in front of their dad’s patrol car, the two children in the photo are dressed in their own police uniforms and are praying before their dad heads to work. The photo was shared by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the same day three police officers were killed and three more injured in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by a gunman.