John Morell

    John Morell

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  • Sure about your home insurance?

    Around the first anniversary in your new house, you'll probably get a notice from the warranty company offering you the opportunity to renew the service contract for another year or longer. Should you bite? Warranties can also be purchased by existing homeowners, and if you don't like the current company you're with you can switch [...]

  • 7 wise ways to ‘elder proof’ your home

    Through improving medical services and healthier lifestyles seniors are living longer than ever. Yet the longer seniors reside in homes that aren't properly suited to their particular safety requirements, the greater is their risk of suffering a personal injury. Savvy homeowners with seniors as residents are embracing the practice of "elder proofing" a home. While [...]

  • Avoid these 5 home improvement scams

    That magical season is here. No, not Christmas. But that special time when the weather is nice and some lucky homeowners with tax refunds jingling in their checking accounts may be thinking about splurging on some long-delayed home-improvement projects. And of course, the scammers who want that money are buzzing around as well. The Better [...]