Jim Farber

    Jim Farber

  • Rock 'n' roll queen: Remembering Queen Elizabeth II's musical legacy

    She may have been born in the era of ragtime, but Queen Elizabeth II’s reign began with the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.

  • 10 new artists to watch in 2018

    Though 2018 has yet to begin, the music industry already has big plans for its latest stars-in-waiting. In the pipeline are a wide range of promising artists, armed with songs and sounds that draw on established styles only to twist them with their own quirks.

  • From SZA to Sampha: The 10 best new artists of 2017

    From Luke Combs's new-school country to SZA's innovative hip-hop, this year a wealth of new artists shook our assumptions about what modern music should sound like.

  • Helter skelter: The history of Charles Manson and rock 'n' roll

    Charles Manson leaves a Los Angeles courtroom after telling a judge “lies have been told” about him, on Dec. 22, 1969. Charles Manson, one of the world’s most notorious killers, pined to be one of the world’s greatest rock stars. Manson, who died Sunday at age 83, may have been known to most people as a manipulative cult leader and a ruthless murderer, responsible for ordering the slaughter of eight people in 1969, including actress Sharon Tate and her unborn child.

  • Flashback interview: Tom Petty on divorce, sexual harassment, Carl Wilson, and Trent Reznor

    That day in 1999, Petty ambled into the room like a cowboy who just spent too much time on his horse. His hair wasn’t combed, his shirttail was untucked, and his jeans fit loosely. It was just the rumpled, everyday image you’d expect from one of rock’s most low-key but steady hitmakers. Yet, in both his tone and music, an intensity lurked below the surface.

  • 10 Artists to Watch in 2017

    It's not even 2017 yet, but over the past few months these fledgling stars have released singles and EPs promising great things for their upcoming full debuts. From 19-year-old Kaity Dunston, aka Cloves, to the insouciant R&B/pop melodies of Khalid to the newly formed avant-metal supergroup Gone Is Gone, enjoy Yahoo's 2017 music sampler.