Jenny Adams

    Jenny Adams

  • Private islands you can rent (some are even affordable)

    Yahoo Travel decided to round up these favorites among the world’s private island rental pool. Some of them are definitely for CEO budgets only, but others are much more affordable.

  • 10 classic steakhouses to visit soon

    The snow is falling. The fire is crackling. In some cities, entire cars were recently frozen in ice blocks. This is no time for salad. A rare meat and red wine reckoning is upon us. It’s time to obey your inner caveman. In honor of surviving The Polar Vortex, Yahoo Travel sought out America’s famed [...]

  • Better than the ball drop: 8 great New Year’s Eve party bars

    Roughly 200,000 people will stand for hours in below-freezing temperatures to watch the ball drop in New York City's Times Square this year. It’s quite possible that these are secret Navy Seals — can normal people actually tolerate being outside in Manhattan in December with no heat, no booze and not much to do till [...]

  • Food truck 411: Where Ya At, Matt – Seattle

    The idea of opening a food truck with a walk-up window in Seattle is hilarious to me. I almost wish I had been a fly on the wall when the loan officer at the bank welcomed Matt Lewis inside, sat back and cracked his knuckles to listen to this pitch. Matt: Hi. I'm a chef. [...]