Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas is a Chicago editor and writer who writes about finance, business and healthcare.

  • What is a savings account?

    Almost all financial institutions that offer banking services allow customers to open savings accounts. But not all savings accounts offer the same benefits. Here's how to find one to suit your needs.

  • What is the FDIC, and how does it work?

    While the FDIC’s primary role is to insure deposits at US banks, the agency has several other duties, including supervising banks’ compliance with consumer protection laws and taking charge of bank assets and debts after a failure.

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    An emergency fund makes it possible to turn a surprise expense from a disaster into a simple annoyance. Here’s how much to save in an emergency fund and how to build one.

  • What is an emergency savings fund?

    Building an emergency savings fund can help you pay your bills and relieve some of your stress in those difficult times. Here's how.

  • How to choose the right high-yield savings account for you

    When choosing the best savings account for your needs, look closely at the account fees, rate terms, customer service options, and how easily you can make withdrawals and deposits.

  • 6 tax moves to make before the end of the year

    Be sure to leave room on your to-do list for key tax moves — some of which can lower next year’s tax bill.