Jeff Tracy

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Championship weekend

    For the first time in the College Football Playoff's four-team era, eight Power 5 teams enter championship weekend with one loss or fewer

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Andrew Whitworth interview

    Today's edition includes an interview with NFL veteran and "TNF" analyst Andrew Whitworth, the two-man Heisman race, a frustrated Hall of Famer, and a must-read feature on C.J. Stroud.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Cuban sells Mavs

    In an unprecedented move, Mark Cuban is selling the Mavericks for $3.5 billion but retaining control of the team.

  • MLB playoff bonus pool: Here's how it works and who benefits

    A record $107.8 million was handed out to this year's postseason teams.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Tempest Tepper

    The Panthers sacked Frank Reich on Monday, the fourth head coach David Tepper has fired in the last 18 months.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: End of an era

    Rivalry Week delivered as always, but with the College Football Playoff expanding and the Pac-12 disbanding, this annual tradition will never be the same.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Thanksgiving weekend watchlist

    Please enjoy this in-depth viewing guide to plan your Thanksgiving weekend sports consumption.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Philly gets revenge

    The Eagles went into Arrowhead on Monday night hoping to get revenge for February's Super Bowl defeat. They emerged with a comeback victory and the best record in the NFL.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Alone at the top

    Lest anyone still doubted his place atop tennis'Mount Rushmore, Novak Djokovic capped another dominant season with a record-breaking seventh ATP Finals title, solidifying his claim as the sport's GOAT.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Cricket, explained

    The Cricket World Cup final is Sunday. To celebrate, we've attempted to explain the sport.

  • What is a bench coach in MLB?

    Four of the seven managers hired this offseason have experience as a bench coach. But what exactly does a bench coach do?

  • Yahoo Sports AM: What is a bench coach?

    Four of the seven MLB managers hired this offseason were bench coaches. What exactly does a bench coach do?

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Green chokes Gobert

    Draymond Green received his 18th career ejection on Tuesday. Only one player in NBA history has more.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Week of the walk-off

    There were a record five walk-off field goals on Sunday. Naturally, Monday delivered a sixth.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Could a rookie win NFL MVP?

    Plus: Youth sports in America, and the club that went from laughingstock to champion.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: The Michigan scandal, explained

    As the wildest college football story in recent memory unfolds, it's become increasingly difficult to keep up. So I went back to the very beginning, gathered everything we know, and put it all in one place to hopefully bring you all some clarity.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Look at this photograph

    Have you ever wondered how hockey photographers capture images from inside the net? We went behind the lens to find out.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Dobbs gets the Dub

    Just five days after joining the Vikings, Josh Dobbs led them to victory. Next up: Learning his teammates' names.

  • Yahoo Sports AM: Wemby!

    Victor Wembanyama had the first monster game of his NBA career on Thursday night, with 38 points (15-26 FG, 3-6 3PT), 10 rebounds, two assists and two blocks in the Spurs' 132-121 win over the Suns.

  • Weekend Watchlist (Nov. 3-5, 2023)

    This weekend features NWSL and MLS playoff action, NASCAR's championship race, the NBA's in-season tournament, the NFL in Germany, and so much more.