Jame Jackson

    Jame Jackson

  • Fenty Beauty’s gloss bomb cream is your must-have party essential

    Fenty Beauty’s gloss bomb cream is the perfect product for those who love a lip gloss that doesn’t feel sticky. Find out the details here.

  • Gel limpiador y aceite: el producto que buscabas para que tu piel esté limpia y sedosa

    No es fácil encontrar un gel de baño nutritivo. Sin embargo, hemos descubierto una opción que te encantará, como a los más de 9.000 usuarios que le dan una nota casi perfecta.

  • Es el mejor champú seco, según muchas compradoras, y cuesta menos de 7 dólares

    El champú seco tiene varias ventajas. Sin embargo, no todos son iguales y, si usas uno de mala calidad, te puede dañar el cabello en vez de mejorarlo.

  • Miles adoran este gel de baño para tratar acné corporal y granos por menos de 15 dólares

    Encontrar un gel de baño que pueda combatir el acné y los granos en la piel puede ser un gran desafío. Sin embargo, existe una solución económica en Amazon.com con decenas de miles de compradores encantados.

  • “Realmente no esperaba tanto”: Este sérum es un éxito en ventas y ahora cuesta 15 dólares

    Noticia de última hora: es posible encontrar productos para el cuidado de la piel de calidad sin gastar mucho dinero. Y este es un muy buen ejemplo: sérum con ácido hialurónico Hydro Boost de Neutrógena.

  • Soy editora de belleza y apuesto por estos tres correctores de menos de 8 dólares

    Es posible que al principio de la pandemia dejaras un poco de lado tu rutina de maquillaje, pero las reuniones de Zoom y los FaceTimes con la familia a veces requieren un poco de corrector.

  • Cuatro tendencias de belleza que verás por todas partes en 2021

    El año 2021 también promete ser un gran año para el mundo de la belleza. Cada vez más marcas dan prioridad a formulaciones ecológicas en sus productos.

  • Los productos de belleza más cotizados de Amazon por menos de US$15

    Hay muchos productos de alto rendimiento y muy codiciados que no cuestan un ojo de la cara. Te damos estas opciones para que no sacrifiques tu bolsillo.

  • Una de las mejores cremas hidratantes cuesta solo 18 dólares

    Amazon tiene una de las mejores cremas hidratantes que más gustan a las compradoras por solo 18 dólares.

  • An overlooked victim of domestic violence: Pets

    Domestic violence survivors are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when deciding what shelter options they have for their pet.

  • How I, an anxious person, deal with an anxious puppy

    There is no one solution to curing puppy anxiety, but creating a happy, healthy and safe environment for your puppy to feel loved and supported is a step in the right direction.

  • 'I have always been a rebel': Why TheCurvyCon co-founder Chastity Garner Valentine wants to push women to take big risks

    "I have always been a rebel of what women can and can’t do, so anything that allows me to say, ‘Yes, we can do that!’, I take the chance," Chastity Garner Valentine tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

  • TheCurvyCon co-founder CeCe Olisa on being overlooked by the fashion industry: 'We knew that our community saw us'

    "When the fashion community didn’t see what we were doing, we knew that our community saw us," says TheCurvyCon co-founder CeCe Olisa.

  • The 8 best sweat-proof foundations for summer – for all skin types

    The idea of a sweat-dripped face full of makeup is enough to make anyone tweak their summer makeup routine.

  • 9 frizzy hair solutions we actually swear by — for as low as $4

    Got frizzy hair? Then you'll want to get your hands on these products to help smooth your strands.

  • Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad was once kicked out of a fabric store because of her hijab

    “I can’t sit here as the first Muslim woman to represent the United States at the Olympic Games and be numb on these issues that directly affect me,” Ibtihaj Muhammad told Yahoo Lifestyle.

  • 'Modest fashion is knowing that your body is yours'

    “American Beauty” is a new series in which Yahoo Lifestyle takes a virtual cross-country journey to discover what beauty means — reimagining the American flag through the diverse group of faces that make up the United States of America. For our first installment, we’re focusing on Muslim-American women, highlighting what makes this group unique while showcasing the common threads that bring us together. Historically, Muslim women have leaned toward pious fashion, many wearing a hijab that conceals their hair and various body parts because of their religious beliefs. However, there are multiple ways to uniquely wear a hijab, so while many in the Western world may find them a limitation on creativity, the reality is fashion has no limits when one has a unique perspective or imagination.The true expression of one’s identity in fashion lies in the idea of uniqueness; it doesn’t have one look, or style, or trend. One can dress modestly and and still be stylish — the two are not mutually exclusive, and it seems the fashion industry is finally beginning to catch on.This is certainly not the first time faith and fashion have intersected. Just this year, the Met Gala’s theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” explored the impact of religious art on fashion, tapping into the work of designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Thom Browne and others who have used spiritual and religious references in their sartorial collections. As times have changed culturally and politically, fashion has as well. Culture is slowly catching up with the times and needs of Muslim women, largely due to influential hijabi bloggers who have used their platforms to normalize Muslim women embracing their style.From Dolce & Gabbana’s hijab and abaya line to H&M’s modest collection full of frills, pleats, and sass, designers for brands have begun to understand that fashion options are a necessity whether there are religious aspects or not. And more Muslim women are stepping up to show it is possible to both follow your faith and find fulfillment in fashion.Fashion bloggers such as Saufeeya Goodson, Habiba Da Silva, Dina Torkia, and Amena Khan have drawn hundreds of thousands of followers who tune in to their daily #OOTDs (outfit of the days), demonstrating that fashion is its own language and identity, and that anyone can experience it in their own way. Truly, that’s what fashion should be about — making honest self-expression work for you — however that looks and feels.Yahoo Lifestyle interviewed six Chicago Muslim women to discuss their personal connections to faith and fashion, as well as the misconceptions they face about their their identity while living and working in America.Photography: Jamie Berg for Yahoo LifestyleRead more on Muslim-American women in our American Beauty package:

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    Everyone is beautiful, whether you're tall, short, black, white, fresh-faced or acne-prone. And these models are showing us that beauty belongs to everyone.

  • How bold women with buzzcuts are changing the definition of beauty

    Now more than ever, women are reclaiming their power and the power that has long been given to their hair. In lieu of long, flowy tresses, we see more short, cropped, or buzzed looks.

  • Best serums to help all skin types get through winter

    While you may not think a serum is a necessity, you'll thank yourself once you see the difference, especially in the cold-weather months when dry, winter air tends to suck the moisture out of skin.