Jade Aliprandi

    Jade Aliprandi

  • Mum's leg crushed in front of students in crash outside school

    A mother had her leg and foot crushed during school drop off on Tuesday after she was hit by a car outside a Queensland school.

  • The astonishing number of cigarette butts woman collected from beach

    A woman has collected over 10,000 cigarette butts in a month in an attempt to prove to her local council just how bad smoking is becoming for the area.

  • Father and late wife named as legal parents of baby born to surrogate

    A grieving father who is now navigating life as a single parent has finally been named on his son’s birth certificate, along with his late wife, after a surrogate gave birth to the child four months ago. Queensland man Gareth Arena is raising his son, Rixon, on his own after tragically losing his wife, Bec, to Cystic Fibrosis in September last year. It means the birth mother and her partner no longer have a legal parental relationship with the child and the intended parents become the child’s legal parents.

  • Can you see why fans 'will never look at Shapes the same again'?

    Comedian Christian Hull shared the discovery with his 460,000 Facebook fans on Wednesday and to say he surprised people is an understatement. Every Shapes box is colour-coded to match the flavour of the biscuit and on the front of the box there is a white section with the word ‘Shapes’ and the flavour. Mr Hull shared a photo of a stack of Arnotts Shapes boxes taken at his local Woolies, with the caption “MIND BLOWN.