Hayley Spencer

    Hayley Spencer

  • How celebrities achieve the perfect red carpet photo every time

    On 26 February, the great and good in film will grace the Oscars red carpet in LA in hopes of scoring one of the coveted golden gongs. But before they make it to the auditorium, they have a job to do: posing up a storm on the red carpet. Wearing the dreamiest of custom couture creations, Hollywood’s female stars manage to pull off a perfect picture in every single shot.

  • What will the stars be wearing to the Oscars 2017? We look into our style crystal ball

    The Oscars, aka the biggest night in the awards season calendar, is fast approaching, and as well as who wins what we’re on tenterhooks to see what the stars will wear. The Academy Awards is the opportunity for the stars to go all-out in the dreamiest, glitziest couture creations.The best actress and supporting actress nominees will have been planning their dress options for months alongside their stylists. Their choices are shrouded in secrecy, but given their signature style and brand affiliations, we can have fun trying to guess what may have caught their eyes.Here’s the runway creations we hope to see on the Oscars red carpet, and who we think should wear them.BAFTAs 2017: Every fashion hit and miss from the past 20 yearsBAFTAs 2017: The Duchess of Cambridge and Emma Stone lead the best dressed list

  • The drinks most (and least) likely to give you a hangover this Christmas

    Nutritionist Laura Tilt says that they’re “chemicals produced during alcohol fermentation that contribute to hangover symptoms.“Congeners might make the alcohol taste nice, but they make us feel bad, because they are a type of toxin,” she explains. Bourbon is the worst offender for a pounding head. A good rule of thumb is the darker the drink, the harsher the hangover as “dark coloured drinks contain high levels of congeners.” Sadly for fans of a bourbon on the rocks, whisky is especially high in these toxins, including methanol which can linger in the body even after all alcohol has been eliminated.