Farnoosh Torabi

    Farnoosh Torabi

    Farnoosh Torabi is the host of Financially Fit, a Webby-nominated personal finance series on Yahoo! Finance. She is also the resident financial expert on Remake America, a new series on Yahoo! that showcases real families, real challenges and your solutions. To learn more about Farnoosh visit www.farnoosh.tv.

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    With her strict $25 per gift budget, Zina Kumok, founder of the blog DebtFreeinThree, has to employ a little more creativity for holiday shopping. “I recently gave my mom a ziplining tour for Mother’s Day, a whale watch for her birthday, and a chocolate tour of New York City last year, all of which were huge hits and very affordable,” says Stefanie O’Connell of TheBrokeandBeautifulLife.com.

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    Like lattes, bottled water is a small expense that, over the long haul, can compromise your savings account. Water is free, after all, and by investing just $20 on a nice, BPA-free water bottle you can simultaneously fill up that piggy bank and help the environment.

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