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    Eve Hartley

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  • London Attacks: Cafe Owner Reveals How He Helped Save 130 People

    A Borough Market restaurant owner revealed how his quick-thinking staff were able to bring 130 customers to safety as the London Bridge terror attackers came running towards his cafe. Mark Stembridge told his staff at Cafe Brood, some of whom were ex-military from Albania, to pull customers from the open balcony as they saw three men brandishing weapons coming towards the building. Three of Stembridge’s staff were ex-military from Albania, and he credited them for ensuring the situation “was not far worse”.

  • Taking Boaty McBoatface Seriously Will Prove the British Public Is Not a Joke

    Taking the public's wishes seriously - even if they aren't serious - is vital for when more damning matters arise. When it gets tough Brits are known for having a stiff-upper lip and laughing it off. But now the public have been stopped from having that little bit of light.

  • Dee-1 'Sallie Mae Black' Student Loan Repayment Song Is 'The Most Relatable Song Ever'

    A music video in celebration of repaying student loans has been described as the 'most relatable song ever' after being shared millions of times across social media. US-based rapper Dee-1 couldn't contain his pleasure at repaying his outstanding debt and said he wrote it to give other people hope. Dee-1 refers to his debt as paying back Sallie Mae, a US bank which provides student loans.

  • London Fashion Week, Rain Dove, The Badass Model Who Is Going To Change The World

    Androgynous in style and badass in attitude the Vermont-born catwalker flew into town for London Fashion Week. Relatively unknown until a few years ago, Dove has been making headlines in the UK and across the world for her striking and chiseled look. Dropping by The Huffington Post UK office, the Native-American descendent tells us about diversity in the fashion industry, volunteering for the UN and her passion for water quality.

  • Model Rain Dove Has An Epic 'Hippie' Donald Trump Presidency Conspiracy Theory

    Taking a break from London Fashion Week, US-based model Rain Dove dropped by The Huffington Post UK to discuss all things fashion, diversity and of course Donald Trump. It's the latter of which Dove had a conspiracy theory, the 26-year-old telling us how she thinks the controversial presidential hopeful is only running in order to get rival Hillary Clinton elected. Well - it may seem a little far-fetched - but with the media-mogul having previously endorsed the Democrat party, Rain Dove would like you to keep an open mind.

  • China Theme Park Disaster: Horrific Video Shows Man Falling From Ride After Seatbelt Unravels

    WARNING THIS VIDEO MAY BE DISTRESSING FOR SOME VIEWERS Sickening video footage has captured the moment that a man's seatbelt came undone, throwing him from a theme park ride as it travelled at high speed.

  • Manchester Man Filmed In 'Vile Act' Of Throwing Homeless Person's Belongings Across Busy Street

    Footage of a 'vile' man dumping a homeless person's belongings across a busy city centre street has emerged in Manchester. The belongings were reportedly owned by a rough sleeper situated in a nearby shop doorway. Greater Manchester Police say that the man has since been banned from visiting the city centre.

  • Chinese Escalator Switches Backwards Causing Huge Pile On

    Dozens of people crashed to a fall after an escalator suddenly began to move in reverse, in Ningbo, China. CCTV footage captures the moment that the mechanics begin to fail, speeding up in the wrong direction and throwing people off course. Last year a tragic incident saw a heroic mother fall to her death into an escalator.

  • EU Referendum: Owen Jones Says Boris Johnson Could Run Naked Through London And Still Be Popular

    Guardian columnist Owen Jones has lashed out at Boris Johnson's decision to back the leave the European Union campaign, describing his statement as a "rambling incoherent mess". The 31-year-old poked fun at the London mayor's public image saying Johnson could "run naked smothered in honey down Whitehall and people would say LOL what a legend". Labour-supporter Jones was debating Johnson's EU stance with The Times writer and former Conservative Tim Montgomerie.

  • Truck Driver Beaten Up By Angry Onlooker In Random Road Rage Attack

    Shocking video footage has emerged showing a truck driver being pounded by an angry onlooker after the pair had a traffic dispute in southeast London. Detectives from Greenwich released CCTV footage of the man sought following an assault on a lorry driver. The suspect then made off in his car towards Woolwich Road.

  • Tesco Delivery Driver Leaves Note To Disabled Mother, Calling Her 'Mrs Can't Be Arsed To Go To The Shops'

    A chronically ill woman has written a scathing response after a Tesco delivery man allegedly wrote "Dear Mr and Mrs I can't be arsed to go to the shop" on a note passed through her door. Beth Lloyd, from West Sussex, lashed out at the note, explaining that she is "physically unable to do a supermarket shop". The disabled mother of three had mistakenly booked the delivery too early and didn't hear the driver at the door.

  • 'Baby On Board' Badge Wearers Say They Are Ignored By Commuters When Wanting A Seat

    Pregnant women have lashed out at commuters after claiming they usually don't get offered a seat on TfL Tube services despite wearing 'Baby On Board' badges. A group of women who wear the badges spoke to The Huffington Post UK about their experiences, saying that they "feel uncomfortable during commutes" as seated onlookers are "absorbed in reading and pretending not to notice". The badges, which were released in 2005, are hugely popular with travellers on the Tube with over 130,000 badges handed out to mums-to-be each year.

  • Hairy Panic Devastates Wangaratta As It Sweeps Through Small Australian Town

    Roof high hairy panic is sweeping through homes and paddocks in a small Australian town, leaving behind it a trail of devastation. Clogging up pipes and entrances, frustrated residents in Wangaratta have seen the "weed menace" stack up outside their buildings. Forced to clear the wild tumbleweeds themselves without help from authorities, onlookers say the grass is tiring them both physically and mentally.

  • Isis Militants Facing Salary Cuts And Dwindling Morale After Rounds Of Western Airstrikes

    The so-called Islamic State has been forced to slash salaries to its fighters and has even asked Raqqa residents to pay utility bills in black market dollars after rounds of crippling airstrikes from western forces. The extremist group, which once bragged about developing its own currency, is struggling to cope with coalition forces pounding the group’s de facto capital. Paying for replacement weapons and wages for its troops accounts for two-thirds of the group’s budget, according to an estimate by Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, a researcher with the Middle East Forum who sources Islamic State documents.

  • Johal Singh Social Experiment Video Sees Homeless Man Give Away Food

    When YouTuber Johal Singh went to film his latest social experiment video, he had no idea of the inspiring reaction that he would face. "You haven't eaten since yesterday and you're still going to give me your food?" Singh asks the man, bewildered at his kindness. Singh then asks the man if he has any money to give to him, which is when the man explains that he's been attempting to save for a new drivers license.

  • Lebanon Child Marriage Video Highlights Scale Of Young Brides Across The World

    Fortunately, the video is the work of a group of actors helping to highlight the plight of child marriages. The actors in the video were hired by KAFA ("enough"), a pressure group that aims to fight the violence and exploitation of women in Lebanon. It was filmed as part of a campaign, supported by the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), to end child marriage in the country.

  • Gay Rights Activist Peter Tatchell Branded 'Transphobic' And 'Racist' By NUS Officer

    Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has hit back at claims he is 'transphobic' and 'racist' after an NUS officer has refused to speak at an event with him. Fran Cowling and Tatchell were due to debate on 15 February at Canterbury Christ Church University, at an evening entitled 're-radicalising queers'. Fran Cowling made false allegations re my supposed racism & transphobia.

  • John Oliver Unveils New Flag For New Zealand After That Dildo Incident

    When New Zealand politician Steven Joyce was hit in the face with a flying dildo, he knew it was only a matter of time before John Oliver ripped him to shreds. Someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with..

  • Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate, Is Not Going To Get London's Vote

    Londoners have summed up their feelings for Donald Trump calling him "irrelevant" to just plain "dickhead", in a video responding to claims by the Republican presidential candidate that the capital had "no-go" areas. "The only reason I wouldn't go to parts of New York is the very real risk of meeting Donald Trump," Johnson said. Needless to say, according to this video, London could we be a "no-go" zone... for Trump alone.

  • Derbyshire Taxi Driver Suffers Sickening Racist Rant From Passenger

    This article contains graphic language A taxi driver has suffered a tirade of racist abuse after picking up three men in Derby. The 58-year-old was told "every sane-thinking person in this country hates Muslims," before being subject to a full-scale hate attack.