Danielle Boudreau

    Danielle Boudreau is a freelance writer for Yahoo Canada. You can find her on Twitter @ItsMeDanielleB.

  • Why gas prices are driving you around the bend

    Gas prices are on the rise again. Here's when you're likely to see lower prices, and why prices seem to vary depending when and where you fill up.

  • Air Canada gives WestJet a taste of its own medicine

    With the threat of a pilot strike looming at WestJet, competitor Air Canada is playing hardball — using the same tactics once employed against them.

  • How you can save money and your car this winter

    With winter officially arriving on Dec. 21, here are a few things you can do to make sure your car isn't costing you more due to cold-weather negligence.

  • Canadians can get better Black Friday deals in the U.S.

    Is it worth it to look south of the border to get better Black Friday deals? Depending on what you're buying, yes.

  • Why filing your taxes later than May 1 is a really bad idea

    The May 1 tax filing deadline is rapidly approaching and if you file after that, you could be subject to penalties of up to 50 per cent of what you owe.

  • Tax tips for separated and divorced parents

    The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wants to know who’s coming and going from your home, and they won’t even buy you a beer or let you cry on their shoulder. If you pay spousal and child support, you will put the total amount on line 220 of your tax return, but on line 230, you’ll use just the deductible part, i.e.

  • What a 'multi-faceted solution' for cooling the real estate market means

    The term “housing bubble” has been thrown around for years now by experts. Could they finally be right?

  • 7 things you've always wondered about life insurance

    As a young adult it will be cheaper, you’ll be less likely to need a medical exam to qualify, and you can protect yourself in the future by ensuring your insurability.

  • The Sari Project: Bringing age-old fashion into the modern world

    From hefty magazines to blogs, websites and television programs, the garment industry is well-covered in popular culture. Border and Fall, a creative agency and digital publication based in Bangalore, wants to remedy this information gap with videos that demonstrate the 84 ways to drape a sari. A Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $45,000 from 405 backers to help create the how-to videos, as well as three short films about the sari’s past, present & future.

  • Canada may soon have an influx of tech workers from U.S.

    In the face of immigration concerns and unstable border crossings to the U.S. for international workers, a Canadian company has found a niche in the market. Launched just last week in anticipation of changes that may affect temporary workers, it’s designed to appeal to the Silicon Valley tech industry, whose foreign workers often have these non-immigrant, specialty visas. The services allow employees to “immediately” get the paperwork to continue their work for American companies while living in Vancouver, avoiding disruptions.

  • Six great post-holiday shopping deals to get right now

    Literally, by getting the decorations and gifts out of the living room, and figuratively, by once again having meals that contain vegetables and dealing with that looming credit card bill. The last thing you want to do after recovering from Christmas festivities is go shopping for more of the stuff you just stashed in the garage or storage locker, but it’s truly the best time of the year to save money on ornaments, wrapping paper and even artificial Christmas trees. Post-New Year’s Day sales at Walmart put dollar stores to shame, with gift bags and wrapping paper all 75 per cent off.

  • Don’t be a hero: Why you should call in sick

    Have you ever been trapped at your desk, forced to listen to a colleague blow through entire box of tissues in a day? The sound effects are enough to make some of us feel queasy, but that colleague coughing up a lung is just proving their dedication, right? Office workers, especially those blessed with open-concept workplaces, have worked alongside diehards who feel they must come to work when they’re sick — even if that means sharing their germs with the rest of the team. They may be doing it because they’re dedicated employees who don’t want to let the boss down or get behind on their ...

  • Forget the NHL dream and go to school, kid

    At age 29, Sidney Crosby is a top hockey player in the NHL who has earned two Stanley Cups, two Olympic gold medals and a laundry list of other awards. Crosby grew up in a normal middle-class household in Cole Harbour, N.S., and he made it to the big leagues in a big way. In fact the chances of a minor hockey player even playing in one NHL game are 0.1 per cent, and getting to that point requires years of hard work, dedication, and money.

  • What to buy — and what to avoid — on Black Friday

    Instead, a whopping 82 percent will do at least some online shopping, up from 76 percent last year. If you can wait until January, don’t buy winter outerwear yet, the best deals come after Christmas, says Martin.

  • U.S. vs. Canada: Who's got the better Black Friday deals?

    Nothing kills the joy of the holiday season faster than fighting for a parking space at the mall, then standing in huge checkout lines on December 23, and fighting for the year’s hot toys while sweating in a winter coat. This year “Santa” finally got his act together at my house and started early, shopping at Amazon and Indigo websites, Costco — both online and in the store, and at Joe Fresh. ...

  • Cars are becoming autonomous — is Canada ready?

    The company, nuTonomy, beat Uber’s planned self-driving ride-hailing service in the U.S. by a few weeks. Many automakers, as well as Google, have been testing various applications of this technology with prototypes for years, but this company claims theirs is the first to be offered to the public. It’s going to take time for drivers to fully understand and embrace the new technology, says Stephen Beatty, VP Corporate at Toyota.

  • Common real estate scams and how to avoid them

    When I was getting cold feet after signing the purchase agreement for a home a few years ago, I confessed to my family that I was feeling sick about owing that much money.

  • Six Car Colour Myths Debunked

    Henry Ford had some very forward-thinking ideas about cars and manufacturing. What Mr. Ford didn’t care much about was colour. “It is indeed incorrect to say that all Ford Model T cars were black… but most of them were,” said Matt Anderson, curator of transportation at Ford in an email.

  • QUIZ: This week in business news, July 23-29

    Does your mood swing up and down with the TSX? Does the price of oil keep you up at night? If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the business news scene in Canada, then this quiz on the week’s top business stories should be a breeze.

  • QUIZ: This week in business news, July 16-22

    Does your mood swing up and down with the TSX? Does the price of oil keep you up at night?