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  • New restaurants to check out in March 2021

    From casual vibes to intimate settings, here is a list of places to visit in Singapore.

  • Yayoi Kusama's solo exhibition Recent Paintings ends this Saturday

    This is the first time these works of Kusama's are being shown in Southeast Asia. You can also view the exhibition in an online viewing room.

  • Burberry's new Spring 2021 collection speaks volume

    Behold, Burberry's new Spring 2021 collection!

  • Iconic actor Ng Man-tat dies of liver cancer at 70

    The actor had liver cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

  • EXO's Kai launches new teddy bear capsule collection with Gucci

    The teddy bear, the favourite companion of many from childhood into later years, has acquired pop-cultural status along the way. One teddy fan is Kai, the K-Pop star and member of South Korean band EXO, who has a mildly cute obsession with the soft toy. Kai even garnered the nickname 'Nini Bear,' because according to fans, he's as 'sweet and cute' like a bear. Now, inspired by Kai, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has designed the Kai x Gucci Collection, a selection of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories with a distinctive decorative motif of a teddy bear wearing a blue bow tie. To showcase this exclusive product proposal, Gucci’s latest campaign was conceived by Alessandro Michele and shot by South Korean photographer Min Hyunwoo and Film Director Woogie Kim with Kai on the streets of Seoul, and it celebrates the relationship between human beings and their fluffy, furry friends. Dressed in the new Kai x Gucci Collection, the K-Pop star is accompanied by a giant teddy as he enjoys a day. The duo buy balloons, go for a drive, dance and meet up with friends before heading home to Kai's place to play games with the rest of his impressive teddy bear squad. To inspire curiosity and bringing the dreamlike vision of the campaign to life, Gucci has partnered with Seoul-based Pop artist IM Jibin, known for his huge bear-shaped artwork installation, Bear Balloon. Notably, with his art project Everywhere, Jibin created impromptu art spaces by placing huge Bear Balloon in incongruous settings all over the world. Gucci has produced two giant Bear Balloons in different sizes in two poses with IM Jibin, in brown and white and wearing a blue bow tie to mirror the teddy that features in the Kai x Gucci Collection patterns. As with many of IM Jibin’s artworks, these bears feature a word on their faces to spread a message – in this case, ‘HELLO’, a simple, friendly greeting celebrating the pleasure of personal connection. The Gucci Bear Balloon artworks follow up on IM Jibin’s Everywhere project and will appear in Seoul’s Cheongdam Gucci store, in front of the Hyundai Card Music Library in Hannam and in the Cociety Gucci Pin – bringing to passers-by a joyful and unexpected memory of the inseparable companions of their childhood. The collection will launch exclusively at Gucci ION Orchard on 15 April 2021.

  • Mediacorp stars sign with global agencies for international gigs

    Mediacorp has partnered global talent management companies to boost its artistes on the international stage.

  • Steal her look: Fashion stylist Jerome Awasthi elevates a mom entrepreneur's style

    Having your own personal style doesn’t mean following the latest trends or copying a complicated style trick, but knowing what works for you and working with your wardrobe’s fundamentals.

  • Far East Hospitality debuts The Clan Hotel Singapore

    The Clan Hotel Singapore has an inventory of 324 rooms across three distinct room categories—Grand Premier, Premier and Deluxe rooms.

  • Cardi B says she 'can't wait to try' Singapore's Irvins Salted Egg chips

    American rapper Cardi B tweeted that she would like to get her hands on Irvins Salted Egg potato chips, those snacks that have practically become a Singaporean icon.

  • So desu ka? Japanese beauty retailer Osakakuma opens at PLQ Mall

    The curated selection will also be changed up frequently so that there will always be something new to explore.

  • The 10 guest artists who are reinterpreting the iconic Lady Dior as unique artwork

    For the fifth edition of Dior Lady art, 10 artists and collectives from around the world participate in a game of reinterpretation and metamorphosis. Artists from various horizons - China to Madagascar, India to South Africa, and Russia to the United States – were invited to infuse new ideas and inspiration on the iconic Lady Dior bag to celebrate art, desire and freedom. The bags are available for viewing at Dior, Ion Orchard.

  • Goat zodiac forecast: Beware of accidents and injuries in 2021

    On the whole, those born in the year of the Goat need to be careful in 2021 to avoid conflicts with others, affecting their health and wealth.

  • Singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono drops new English single 'I'm Fine'

    Since the release of singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono's last English single 'Dig Deep' back in August 2020, he's dropping another English track titled 'I'm Fine' today.

  • Local celebrities ushering in Year of the Ox with ox-picious greetings

    The Year of the Ox is ushered in relatively quietly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Larger than life: Jennifer Lopez and friends launch Coach's Pillow Tabby bag

    The Pillow Tabby is a plush reimagination of Coach’s recent icon the Tabby, a modern take on an archival 1970s design.

  • Indonesian brand Dew It joins Savina Chai's platform Beaubit

    Founded by Rachel Lakhiani in 2020, the Jakarta-based beauty brand is a body care line that focuses on a hands-free way to care for your skin.

  • Horse zodiac forecast in 2021: Pay attention to health and loss of wealth

    In the monthly fortune section, for those born in the year of the Horse, the best months are first, fourth, seventh, and ninth lunar months.

  • Dragon zodiac forecast: Ladies have better fortune in 2021 than males

    It is recommended that you place pink crystals in your home's south sector to increase your charm and help your career.

  • Ox zodiac forecast: Be careful with everything you do, especially with your communication

    2021 is the Golden Year of the Ox, so those born in the year of the Ox need to be careful in everything.

  • Rat zodiac forecast: Noblemen will be around in 2021 to lend a helping hand

    In 2021, those born in the year of the Rat have lucky stars entering the palace and ‘noblemen’ blessing you.